Wednesday, August 18, 2021

rough week

I got 5 loads of the last of the pasta sauce and both mild and hot salsa done Saturday. They need wiped off and taken to the basement. I still need whole tomatoes and tomato juice.

Sunday we went to great grandson's 5th birthday party at his other's sides grandparents home. It was a pool party even though it was on the cooler side (mid 70s) and we didn't take our suits for that reason. It was a really nice party, I told both grandparents we were thankful they invited us. We haven't seen this child in two years. He walked up to me and I introduce us... his daddy's grandma Nonna and his granddad. He gave me a hug and a kiss. His mom who we will always call our granddaughter came up to say something to him about who we were and he told her who we were before she could say anything. She said that both Taylor and her have made points of showing their boys pictures of us so they at least know what we look like. 

After we got home, since we ate supper at the birthday party ,I measured out dried beans to start canning this week. 

I canned 21 quarts of beans (7 of them were mixed beans) and 45 pints of different beans. Took me Monday and Tuesday to get them done. 

Tuesday we went to Lima to drop off Hubby's work truck for repair. Dash lights were flashing at him and the right front tire was squealing horribly. I followed him and neither of us thought about it when we left.... we drove right by where we had Wilbur put to sleep just 7days ago. I was bawling by time he started to get in the truck with me after dropping off his truck. I had already moved to the passenger side which I normally don't do.  I know it will get better with time.

We stopped and paid our mechanic. Our bill in full and Son 2's payment as he sent it to me as twice now he has had to put stop payments on checks that never arrived.  My personal checking and his are connected. SO that's another bill off the pay this month list.

We went to Wendy's for a lunch we split in our car.

We went to chiropractic. Doc told me to watch how I am sitting and standing as I am throwing my back out a lot.

We went to Menard's and got a new door handle/lock for the front door as the one had snapped off. We got white flex seal (gallon) to coat the top of the basement ramp instead of getting metal to cover it. I can use it around the basement windows also. We also got a new outlet/USB for the bfast bar as the one there quit working right. I got some additives I needed for the gardens so that's off the list also. We used all the Menards rebates so didn't have any out of pocket.

We went to Walmart. M had sent a list over as E had been to town and our Walmart had no sugar at all.  We got the last 3 bags that Walmart had. BUT I forgot her list and could only remember part of it (was half) and when we came home we grabbed the list and finished getting was what on it.  I got 25 lb. sugar, 25 lb. AP flour, 25 lb. bread flour and 12 pack of Vernor's ginger soda (only thing I can drink when sick). I picked up a gallon of milk when we stopped back at our Walmart after picking up M's list (which was laying where my purse was sitting SIGH) .

When we dropped off M's stuff to her she gave me tomatoes. Her tomatoes are bigger than soft balls. She gave me 5 and they filled my Dutch oven. I canned 4 qrts. of juice today. 

We did some errands for M and E after leaving there, ended up ordering 1/2 bushel peaches to come in this week. M's brother W is going to pick peaches for an orchard. We have been seeing them for $42/ half bushel and he only wanted $12. I can finish making pie filling and some peach chutney.

How has your week been?