Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Busy day

 Our wood wagon (holds almost 3 cords) should be full of what is called blocks , end pieces of what Amish cut off while making pallets ...should ready for pick up today or tomorrow. Hubby thinks that he has enough when he finally gets the last 3 logs cut up for 2 yrs of heat. He will be a week unloading it and cutting it to fit our stove.

E asked if we could make room in our freezer for them to make 2 blocks of ice (using square kitty litter bucket that was cleaned) through the summer to make ice cream. Perfect timing and I made sure we could fit the bucket just incase M ran out of ice this summer. We put the first one in last night, Hubby is checking to make sure it's completely froze before starting the second one.

Hubby built new steps to the south end of the kitchen porch. We have been using 2 rail road ties and 2 cement blocks since we bought the home in 2018. Original punch list of what we wanted done for this home when we bought it is now complete. We have added a couple things like extending the cement pad at the bottom of the front porch ramp and changing out windows (will have Amish do it) but those will be done as money is tight this year do to the tax crap.

Charlotte loves it as she can lay on the top step and be in the sun and watch E and H when they work their fields, or when H's buggy horses his son trains plays in the back field.

I am tired of picking strawberries and preserving them. About a month after they stop I will be wanting them again.

Peas have started about 3 wks late. I got 3/4ths of a cup for the first picking.

Sent pic to Daughter 2 and told her I missed her... she was my "sheller" as she always thought shelling peas was relaxing. She sometimes is weird LOL. I got a I love you Momma back.

Charlotte is ready to sit out on the kitchen porch and watch the sun rise.

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity

Blessed be