Wednesday, February 22, 2023

All in a week


with so many clouds I was surprised to be able to see these 2 evening stars... I am thinking Hubby said Mars and Venus was to be showing. He heard it on the weather news.

 It got warmish. Enough for Charlotte to want to sit outside and expected me to sit with her.

It's fine when it's 2 p.m. and she is nudging me to go take a nap with her on the bed. 

Hubby finally broke down and bought a wood splitter. He was going to buy used and I insisted on buying new. Another guy bought the used one and a month later it had broke down and needed $500 in repair. Between the cost of buying it used and the repair he could have bought a new one and had a 4 yr warranty. Hubby was glad I insisted, especially after splitting a huge tree in 2 hrs. E said it would have taken a 2 days to do it by hand. Which is why he dragged it out of his woods and dumped it at our gate at the pasture. He was clearing some paths while working the maple trees for sap aka maple water as the Amish call it.

Next Tuesday we have 2 appointments so won't be able to go to the store due to timing and distance. So we went yesterday. Took Charlotte to the vet for spring allergy shot and nails clipped, she's at 61.5 lbs. For the first time, even though she was shaking with fear, she let a cockapoo pup sniff her without her barking or growling at it. Vet said that was a good sign that she would be okay with us getting a pup by summer.

Hubby went and got fuel and took a nap in the truck with Charlotte while I did the grocery shopping. All that is left on the list is Chi Chi tortilla chips that we can only get at Menards. 

I got everything on my list PLUS a 7 lb. roasting chicken for 99¢/ lb., very seldom find anything over 5 lbs. and a pork butt for the same price. I got thick sliced bacon for $3.39/lb. instead of the price of $7.99 I have been finding. I got $2 off my pot stickers, $3 off my pizza rolls (yeah I know how bad they are for me, but sometimes I can eat them on the run). I also got $4 off Velveeta, $1.50 off yogurt, $1.75 off cottage cheese, $1 off sour cream, $1.50 off each of several cheeses, 2 pineapples for half price ($4.50)$1.50 off oranges, $2.50 off coke a cola, $1.50 off tricolor bell peppers , $2.11 off strawberries, 50 ¢ off potato chips, $1.50 off mushrooms, and $3 off because I bought $15 of meat. Total I saved $68.43. Better yet I won't be back to the store for 3 wks. the soonest so Hubby will pick up milk as needed. Junk food aka chips etc. will last 3-4 months. 

I limit "junk" food chips, pizza rolls etc. to $80 every 3 months. Chocolate is a different category, it's $60 every 4-5 months. I can stretch if I make brownies, choc ice cream, choc chip what ever. Hubby does chocolate bar with peanut butter every night other wise. 

Blessed Be
prayers for peace