Wednesday, October 18, 2023

After almost 5 weeks

 We went to the store. I am thankful the only thing we had to pick up was a gallon of milk while sick.

I spent $379.37 at Kroger's with $108.71 savings (5 % cash back) plus $9.50 in Fresh Mode rewards. 

I spent $47.90 at Country Variety Store on 1 1/2 bushels of apples and 6 pears. *check or cash only* Saved $6

I spent $106.90 at Save A Lot with savings of $6.82 (3 % cash back)

We have enough to go 6 weeks (not counting anything I already have in freezers) with only picking up fresh produce and milk.

I got chuck roast on sale, made it last night with red potatoes (from garden) orange carrots (we already ate all of ours) and white onion from B (add $10 for 15 lbs. of candy onions from B). I will be canning 3 qrts. of beef and broth and 1 qrt. of just broth. 

Tonight's supper will be roasted chicken. I have 2 that will be cooked same time in wood stove. I will then pick off the pieces for other meals and make broth and can it.

At Kroger's I also go a pork shoulder( in freezer), skinless boneless chicken thighs * to be vacuumed bagged and frozen, beef hotdogs bagged and frozen(me only) mini sausage links (Hubby requested pigs in blanket), shrimp, hamburger (make taco meat and cooked ground beef) and a turkey ON SALE. I got 3 salads, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots (big) and mushrooms. I replaced the Sprite and Coke I went through while sick. I got yogurt as my yogurt maker is on order, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, goat cheese, Vit D milk, heavy cream, half and half and buttermilk.

 I did very well at writing my list in the way I shop (non perishables first, produce, meat then dairy) so I did NO backtracking. I wore a mask. LORD I was done by time we put it in the truck and worried I was going to be sick from getting too hot. But Hubby cranked the AC up and rolled my window down. By time we got to Country Variety store I was fine.

I got apples for fresh eating (Hubby is trying to eat apple with peanut butter instead of almond chocolate bar with peanut butter for his bedtime snack) and apples for applesauce.  I got 6 pears for fresh eating. They charged bushel price for the applesauce apples instead of the 1/2 bushel since I bought 2 of them saving me $6.

At Save A Lot ,I got baby carrots (Kroger's looked bad) smoke sausage links (size of bun size hotdog) brat patties, and brats to be rebagged and frozen. I got 2 T-bone steaks as Hubby mentioned he missed getting his steak dinner at Lock 16 for his birthday. He does NOT want to go out to eat. So this weekend I will fix him a steak dinner as close as I can to what he would order.  I got pizza rolls for our lunch and I bought the size of bag that would ONLY be lunch instead of us pit stopping for a sandwich (saving about half of what the sandwiches would have been).

I wrote out the meals I was going to serve: Leftover beef brisket from Sunday is going to be fajitas

Beef roast with veggies, beef stew, beef and noodle, beef pot pie

Roasted chicken, autumn stew, chicken pot pie, and chicken and noodles

Mock Lock 16 Steak dinner

Pork shoulder roast, mock Brunswick stew, Cuban pork, pork and cabbage casserole

Pigs in Blanket

Chicken Shrimp stir fry

Shrimp scampi 

Smoked sausage

Brat patties


I also have potstickers and egg rolls, pepperoni and sausage for pizza, stuffed shells, stuffed manicotti, lasagna rolls, penne and spaghetti, Swedish meat balls, meat loaf, Salisbury steak, tacos, crispy bean burritos, breaded pork tenderloin, BLT (while I have fresh tomatoes) grilled cheese with tomato soup, fried bologna, fried ham slices, Philly steak subs, Gordan air fryer fish,  mackerel patties, salmon patties, tuna noodle casserole, fried cabbage (from garden) with fried potatoes (garden) with sausage or ham, one pot green beans, potatoes and ham,  pancakes, waffles , French toast and eggs.  Crepes, I want to learn to make crepes. 

We should be able to only need dairy and fresh produce until Dec if not Jan. 

I spent $549.17.... if we don't go back to store for 4 wks. that is  $137.30 a week

IF we can go 6 weeks (only getting dairy, celery and carrots) that is $91.53 a week. 

I have 5 meals listed so that is 7.8 weeks that's $73.22 a week... SO I am looking at not going back for at least 7 weeks, that's the beginning of Dec. Which is why I went ahead and got the turkey for 99 cents a lb. 

Not counting soups and casseroles from scraps. I know I have more brisket, 2 pork tenderloins and plenty of bacon and sausage. I am low of pork chops though. 

Blessed Be 

Off to deal with more tomatoes