Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day of Celebration

Autumn Equinox
First Day of Autumn (which started at 11:13 LAST night)

We celebrate this day,thankful for cooler weather(ok,thankful when it finally gets here) and thankful for the harvest that is coming in from the fields.

The heat of the summer is still lingering, I started gearing towards canning the late summer/early fall harverst as I have starting canning apples for sauce and looking at the pumpkin I bought to can this week.

This is the day I "fall" clean from top to bottom, decorate the house with fall colors, decorate my stand with squash( this year it is a pumpkin instead of gourds, beans, grains, nuts and an apple.I also have a cinnamon apple candle lit on it and a pot of applecider, cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange zest simmering to scent the house( not to drink, that I will make this afternoon for the evening meal).

The evening meal with be spiced hot cider( maybe iced instead),corn chowder, pork chops with apples,roasted root veggies and carrot and raisin cake for dessert.

With grateful heart of blessings that have came our way and continue thru the year.

Blessed Be