Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 8 Pantry Challenge

I have influenza immunity system is way down due to a bout of Crohn's so I am glad I got the flu shot so this isn't hitting so hard that I am back in the hospital. I am glad I have a "good to sleep on" couch also. Still , with me being down and Hubby not cooking from the menu we are eating from the pantry. He had leftovers last night and I snacked on odds and ends of crackers, cheese and fruit through the day.Wished I had canned more poultry broth in pints. Tonight I hope to be able to eat a little more. Hubby said he will either eat what is left of the beef roast or the bean soup and that what he doesn't eat for his lunch tonight at work. The grocery stores inserts arrived in the mail yesterday. I tossed them directly into the bin.If I don't look at them I don't think I need to hit the sales. The garden catalogs are coming in pretty think. I made a list of what I do NOT need in the pantry before I started looking at what I did need.I have a lot of dill pickles and hot peppers of assorted kinds but I am out of bread and butter pickles.That tells me I eat pickles and Hubby doesn't. I made note of that also. Going back to the couch....doc said rest rest and sleep along with all the other drink plenty of fluids and take the meds advice. Blessed Be Juls