Saturday, October 7, 2023

Anne Grandfather clock. Sam's club and conversation with Amish

 We have had it worked on 3 times. The glass actually broke in half, then it quit chiming, then it chimed wrong . FR complained to the company that made the "sound" system. They gave him money back over it and he gave it back to us. It does keep good time. It's not an issue to get fixed as FR can do it himself and he just pit stops when over using the phone or talking to E about stuff. The kids argue who gets it when we die until we told them it was going to auction. Then it was nope, Amish will out bid us LOL. 

First fire rolling. Right now it's 40 outside with windchill of 35 and it's to be colder by tomorrow. Damp for sure but not rain which we need. 

We used to do Sam's club, but it's not worth the price of membership nor do we use that size of items any more. Twice I have had fraud charges from the local Sam's club also. Plus it's a good 45 minutes from us... 

If I was over in Marion visiting in laws we could stop at GFS like my brother does. 

Having an IBS or IBD (mine is Crohn's) extremely limits fresh/raw anything. I am lucky if I can get a 2 cup side salad without spending 2 days in bathroom from doing so. Been there and done that still eating the 2 cup side salad but figuring out if I can spend 2 days running to the bathroom.

I did talk to A, she has Crohn's also. Asked her how she was handling it especially being Amish. She's eating fermented and pickled foods and found by doing so daily, she doesn't have as bad as time when she eats something raw. Still only eats maybe 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup raw at a time and not more than once a day. But insisted I start eating more fermented and pickled foods. This young woman is the age of my girls, I bet Hubby she will stop over in the next month and ask what I have ate that was fermented or pickled. She also said she has taken to eating some kind of apple daily. Daddy did that also. She makes her own cottage cheese and has it twice a week. I got twenty questions over what fruit I was putting on the table daily. Yeah, she'll be over here questioning me SMILING.

I can tell you one of the years of next to NONE flare ups of Crohn's was when I was taking VSL#3 ORIGINAL formula (now called Visbiome which I have in frig to start for when I am done with this ickes) and eating pickles or pickled beets 5 days a week with applesauce and cottage cheese. Had it for lunch almost daily with pizza rolls on Saturday LOL. I don't think the pizza rolls helped anything other than my inter child. 

 My inner child got a nap on the kitchen porch floor in the sunshine with Charlotte yesterday. Hubby said since I had a pillow he wasn't worried but the Amish that used the phone stopped at the wood shed to tell him I was down. He let him know I was napping with the dog and getting our vitamin D. Said the guy first frowned and then said that actually made sense. 

I went down to the basement and looked... what do I have fermented.

I have canned :  fermented kraut, coleslaw, cucumber pickles, pickled asparagus, pickled beets, pickled cauliflower with turmeric, green olives stuffed with garlic, pickled peppers with turmeric. pickled onions with turmeric and salad peppers.  

I am low (very low) on applesauce. Hubby said we would pick up apples this coming week. I have enough apple pie filling (home canned with little sugar), I have dehydrated apple slices. 

I told Hubby I wanted to get that on the table. So this weekend (while I now have a either a head cold or allergies are full blown) we will be changing what is in the kitchen frig to have those items go on the table. MIL suggested pulling one thing every meal, she rotates daily which one she puts on the table.