Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Done so far... back to back doctor appts rest of week

 I canned 16 pints of shredded green tomatoes and then shredded enough to do the next batch of green tomato apple pie filling. 

I spent a good part of the day doing phone tag with doctor's offices. I confirmed my appt with the cardiologist that is checking my vein problems for today (Wed). His office called back since they realized I live over an hour away, they got the preapprove from my health ins to run a ultra sound before my appointment so I wouldn't have to make a two more trips. That is very nice. Son 2 and Daughter 1 and 4 warned me when they had ultra sound ran on their legs, they had some issues of keeping their balance. I can't keep my balance to begin with... LOL.

 Hubby can't go in with me so he is going to do some banking for the business and go look for snow shovels. 

Our Chiro office called to confirm we were coming for our adjustments on Thurs. They don't usually call but it was a new girl and she was calling everyone.

My pain doctor's office called and left the message they had ins approval for my injections so to call them to schedule. So I called them back.... and they were at lunch so I had to call back an hour later. That is scheduled for Friday morning.

Which means I won't be doing much more than sitting with ice on my back Friday. I won't do much over the weekend either. 

Do you ever feel like all you do is run to doctor's office or testing?