Tuesday, January 21, 2020

take a breath... eating from pantry, what I am doing and store 1st time

Sit down with your favorite beverage and just rest for a moment or so.

Yesterday and today was days of rest. We really didn't do anything.Kind of a stay-cation???

Jan 19th
Hubby had leftovers and I had popcorn. I haven't been able to eat popcorn in over a year. It was wonderful. I dropped a couple popcorn and Charlotte and Wilbur thought it was great. Rascal spit it out and looked at me like where is the butter? He definitely remembered that part. I gave them all a handful (Rascal's with butter). I noticed that Wilbur and Charlotte both sniffed Rascal's but didn't want it. Now if it had bacon grease Wilbur and Charlotte would have ate it but Rascal wouldn't.

I sorted seeds and organized them by the temperature of the soil. Realized I had forgot to order crookneck squash, zucchini, yellow wax beans, turnips, a couple kales, a couple mustards and a couple nasturtiums. So I did that , between the sale, discount, coupon and rebate I saved 45%. I am definitely growing in square foot gardens and pots/grow bags but figuring that out is later this week.

I dug out of the box in the east loft the cds I used to play while cleaning and driving back and forth to Georgia.

I have missed my music, missed my candles and missed serving dinner on different plates. I've missed giving myself a mini spa at home. Miss walking the perimeter with the dogs. All that went away when we started working on this house March of 2019. I am working at putting it all back in.

The projects we had planned for this year got shoved back due to the kitchen porch dropping 2 inches, wall starting to give on the basement ramp . Which is at the end of the kitchen porch, Hubby thinks it is a drain that broke and is washing the soil away. The lane needing to be widened due to the truck actually being wider than the lane. Hubby now has some nasty ruts beside it.

I was talking to a homesteader that gave me this advice.

What you plan to do in 1 yr will take 5  and the 5 yr might never happen. Just remember each small step you take is more than you had yesterday and that is all that really matters. Keeping ahead, not going backwards.

Jan 20th
Laundry on the drying rack and walkers I have over heat vents. My morning routine is done.

I have beans with water on simmering and when that's been an hour I will drain and rinse it and then put it back on with ham broth to simmer another hour. That's how Daddy always cooked his beans and I always liked them over Mother's. She only used water and no broth. I haven't had bean soup in 3 yrs. All food restrictions are off and that is  wonderful thing. I still have some issues with eating a lot of fresh fruit and veggies but I am sure as work increasing it those issues will go away.

Jan 21st  I limited myself to 1/2 cup of fried potatoes, 1 cup of bean soup and 1 tablespoon of diced onions and a corn bread muffin with a slice of gingerbread cake with 1/2 cup applesauce on top of it last night. I had 2 cranberry orange muffins and a small bar of brownie cookie for a snack.
Felt proud on myself for turning off the light at 9:45 to go to sleep....my phone beeped due to my fit bit and Charlotte was up and running...then she had Rascal up also. Wilbur was to the point of growling at them because he was sleeping and they kept getting up and down off the bed. They went to the door, nope didn't want out. Went back to bed and back up and down. Finally at 12:30 I got them out and then had to go out at 1 and get Rascal to come back in as Charlotte had already been in. He laid down and went to sleep and I pinned her down in my arms until she went to sleep. GEEZE.

2 AM UP and in the bathroom until 4 when I let all the dogs out and made Hubby's coffee. I would say for the 1st time of eating beans in 3 yrs... it was like eating 2 large bowls of fiber cereal and the onions gave me heart burn. BUT didn't trigger my Crohn's and I don't have any lingering affects so beans is going to be in the diet regularly... I can eat refried beans with no issues at all. I will soak my onions in ice water for now on when I am eating them and take my meds a little closer to meal time if I am having onions. If I had chewed Mento's I would have not woke up with heart burn. Just bathroom time LOL.

Hubby and I are going to the store for the 1st time this month. I need milk, dog biscuits and dog dental. Wilbur has teeth issues as common for boxers but the dental seems to keeping it down quite a bit according to the vet that checks him.

I am tired, but I told Hubby I want to see Daddy and his parents, go to the store and then come home for dinner. Sausage gravy and biscuits... he said something about needing biscuits and I told him he could wait the 30 min it takes me to make them from scratch and bake them... he looked like he had a duh moment.

Take care , stay well
Blessed Be