Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eat From the Pantry Challenge

With coffee in hand at 4 am as I tried to pry my eyelids open, I read this challenge. Followed a couple blogs and decided this was my ticket for the new year.

Check these sites out and read all about it.

At Thanksgiving my kids were thunking me over how big my pantry is in this very small house, that I could feed them and their kids( not hardly as it would be 22 of them) and us for a year.

Even though I got my "stock- up"( a nice way of saying pack rat of food) ways from my parents, they mentioned I should use up what is available. I grew up where the garden was the main source of veggies thru the year.So a years worth of food is what I am use to seeing and having. In these times , going to the store is now a habit I am trying to break and eat from my pantry.

What didn't help was I told my oldest daughter I would give her my old freezer since it would be empty by Thanksgiving since I got a new one.I reloaded the freezer . Okay it was filled with veggie broth using the recipe Gayle Bryant published over at and turkey broth from all the turkeys we deep fried and roasted including the carcuss that was my older daughter's and the 2 hams I was given for Christmas from friends.I didn't have room for any of it in the new deep freezer or the freezers to the 3 refrigerators. I did say pack rat correct????

SO my goals for Jan. is to

#1 to not throw food away due to being too old, not ate or what ever reason I can make up

#2 Only buy dairy and fresh produce for the month

#3 only shop twice for food items

#4 to clear out the old freezer to give to my daughter as promised

# 5 to shop once for non food items( our biggest costs so far)

I will start putting pics up of my pantry.Remember pack rat

If you are going to take this challenge go over to read all about it and link up with her.

Blessed be