Saturday, November 14, 2020

Thankful 13th

Dropped off box of stuff to Daughter 4 on her porch , keeping both of us safe even though we missed the hugs. 

Dropped off bed frame to Son 2 on his patio. Not going in his house or garage since I would be touching his door knobs and he has several come down with covid in the last week. 

Had follow up with back doctor. Told me even if things get shut down to call him if I am in pain and he can ordered me meds through the pharmacy if he can't give me an injection.

Traffic was crazy, should have expected it as it was Friday the 13th.

Got home safe but stressed and Hubby had to help me in the house because my right leg was having fits of the long 2 hr drive even though I took a 10 min break every hour.

Repair guy got the stove working but said the regulator is acting up and its' on back order. SO Hubby went out and put the canning stove together we bought and figured out he needed one part to be able to hook it up. Since it's in the barn and we can open the big door to keep carbon issues down if needed  It should be fine as back up.  I am thankful it is working and I have options if it goes back down.