Sunday, May 19, 2019

savings this week/month

I scheduled the energy audit for mid June. IF we do any of the work they suggest and provide receipts we can be credited up to $50 on our electric bill.  I asked if he could estimate how much propane I would save by doing $50 of what ever... close to $100 savings of propane as an estimate.I do need to do some preparing for the test.

Hubby has been driving the Jeep for anything that does not require a trailer. He said he figured out he saved $80 in the past 2 weeks.

I finished one summer curtain for the laundry room as it faces south and the heat is starting to warm up that room and my bedroom.

I turned the furnace OFF... might have to kick it on during the night a couple times this coming week but it's off. By doing this I also might fingers crossed make this tank last until June so it's filled on the summer fill which is CHEAPER fill

I refused to turn the central air on...told Hubby to open the windows (he had to remove winter storm windows anyways on front room to install the screens ) turn on ceiling fan when he is in the room and I turned on a small rotating fan on low for Wilbur and Rascal (who is black), both are old dogs and can't handle the heat during the middle of the day when it's over 80. After supper the fan is turned off until lunch the next day. Rascal will nudge it with his foot when he wants it on LOL.

I had bought screen repair that was suppose to be self sticking but wasn't. Hubby told me to throw it away and he would go get new...nope I super glued the patches to the screen. Amish guy that was stopped looking for Hubby asked how I fixed them as he had some spare screen but not enough to replace his entire window screen.

Our softener salt lasted 9 days longer than regularly. I've been using the cistern water to water my plants. Better for them also.

I used my digital dollars at Amazon to order a book for my Kindle.

I used my Rakuten rebates,Swagbucks points and Pine Cone pay to order 2 new roasting pans that have racks and handles on the pans. Hubby and I both are having trouble lifting roasting pans (especially turkey) without handles.I used American Test Kitchen to decide what I wanted.

I didn't go to the store until today. I limped us through. BUT today I bought for a basic grocery list AND for the airfryer we bought for testing how it does this week. My brother, sister,Hubby's best friend, and 3 of the kids are interested in how it does.

In the end with how I saved, we have over half of July's budget in savings. So Hubby can go on his fishing trip without worrying how to make up the loss of income when he gets home.