Tuesday, February 23, 2010

catch up

Finally was well enough to go to store. Took 4 trips and 3 days but everything is stocked up again. Now if we can get the veggies ate before they go bad( I'll blanch and freeze them first)If there is room in freezer LOL

In celebration of me going to the store, of me being well enough to go to the store and the day AFTER our anniversary we had ribs from the local butcher shop that smokes ribs on Fri( they do other things M- TH)That feed us Friday and Sat since neither of us was home for lunch those days.

Sunday I made Anne Burrell's (food network) excellent meatballs to add to my own homemade red sauce.I don't really care that much for meatballs, Mama Marie's in Covington GA and my daughter Kate's is about the only ones I like( I don't even like my own).THESE are EXCELLENT.I did add more garlic to the recipe after tasting the taste pattie. I ate 6( maybe more) before I got them in the sauce and then 5 more on my plate and then 3 more while ridding up the table and kitchen even after hubby took my plate away because I was making myself sick BUT made myself sick sick sick anyways and it was worth every bite.Reminded of the commerical of "the best _______ I ever ate" and Neely says he ate and he ate and he ate...yeah that was me. I snuck two out of freezer the next day and nuked them YUMMMMMM.

Monday I had a procedure so I bought a fried chicken from Wal Mart for my lunch to go with the apple and unsweet tea I had. Good thing because the Hawaiian pulled pork in the crock pot was not done after 8 hrs like the recipe said it would be so we had the chicken for dinner also. Took the pork 11 hrs, made that note on the recipe because it was good pulled pork. I fixed it this morning for sandwiches for my bfast and hubby's dinner ( he works 3rd so bfast is actually his dinner)

cleaned up the kitchen, packages leftovers for the freezer, caught the laundry up, now it's time to loom until I leave for the doctor's to find out what is going on with this nasty cough I've had for 6 wks that comes and goes.I would like to take a deep breath WITHOUT hacking up the lungs when I do.

until the next time

Blessed Be