Friday, February 11, 2022

Thank you to the ladies

 that sent me a knife sharpener. I had saw Kevin Jacobs (  using this. So  a big thank you.

We finished buying what we planned to give to Grandson D (and TB). Delivery is tomorrow as the weather today is to turn nasty. Hubby is doing a hauling job that is close by so not a big deal according to him. I am waiting for the last load of the dishes I bought to dry so I can box them up. Both have called me about odds and ends they thought of (already got) and then we got the call to bring staple gun and the fabric came off the back of the couch. It had been stapled. 

They warned us they had idiots (their term) running around them so to wear masks and bring gloves or hand sanitizer. Hey at least they are thinking about keeping us safe. We would have anyways as the great grandsons are in school and don't have vaccines yet. We just had 3 friends get covid after watching their great grandkids that were in school. 

Laundry is done and on the rack drying. I walked to road and got the mail.

Son 2 reenlisted to Army reserves.... he was going to be 23 days short of having 20 yrs for his pension... you have to have 20 years. He was talking of doing at least another year as his girlfriend (her term and he calls her his woman) has a teenager and he is looking at possible marriage and the teen going to college. He told Hubby he wants to be as good as stepdad as Hubby was. My kids don't acknowledge he is a step dad. They call him dad and introduce him as dad as their biological dad turned his back on them when they were about 10-12. I was totally shocked when he did it.

Daughter 4 had a hit and run driver total her car 2014 Jeep Latitude. She was able to find a newer 2016 Jeep Patriot sport for only $1000. more than she got from her insurance of the other car. She likes it better and thinks when I drive it I will be looking for one myself. Said it reminded her of my Ford Explorer. We will see. 

I had my check up with the GI/PA . I do NOT have antibodies to my Humira. The Humira is working. THAT IS VERY GOOD. He got the report from my ortho doc and said if he had knew I was walking around with a fractured socket for 7 months waiting for my hip to be replaced, he would have increased the Humira and put me on other meds to help keep things calmed down. NOW it's more of stay off the OTC pain meds as they are causing issues in the small intestine (Tylenol messes up my liver so can't take that either) BUT if in pain for longer than 8 hrs. TAKE SOMETHING LOL, do a food journal/ daily do list to see if it helps calm things down. Right now my CRP (C reactive Protein) is half of what it was a month ago. Since I am on NO meds to calm it down , he thought what I was eating (an not eating) was helping. I think  stressing over whether or not my Humira was working didn't help. He did mention he has several on Medicare that are paying huge amounts for their biologics. He hopes the new pill that is to replace biologics that has came out will be covered by Medicare within this year. 

I am reading Thomas Jefferson The Garden Book. He was better at keeping up with it when he retired.

Next will be The Richest Spot on Earth by Peter J Hatch that is about the same gardens as he worked with restoring them.

The Lost Super Foods by Art Rude, Lex Rooker, Claude Davis, and Fred Dwight is on the next list also. 

The Bread Bible By Rose Levy Berandaum 

I am definitely tired and sore today after a 4 hr. trip and being poked on by the PA. The nasty weather coming in does NOT help a thing at all.

Blessed Be everyone. Stay safe, stay well, be content.