Thursday, April 29, 2021

Daughter 4 said NO

I had pulled coupons and CVS extra bucks and saw the sale at CVS advert. I figured up what it would cost and what I would save.

Said something to daughter 4 who immediately played 20 questions. Is that the best price? How much do you have of that? How often do you use that? How long with the amount you have last you? GEEZE.  I kept having the scene where she took the 3rd can of corn out of the cart because it wasn't on the list pop up in my head.

 She then informed me I did NOT need to go buy any of what I was going to buy because either I had enough for  a year or I had something else that would do the same thing. AND I had enough allergy meds for this year. I can wait until end of the season to get that on sale for next spring (voice of experience there as she and brother buys it more than I do). YES I asked brother and he backed her and his wife is just like Daughter 4. 

 She told me to take the money and either buy canning supplies (I hope I do not need any more this year as I tripled what I usually get) or seeds (Nope, don't need that but might need inoculant) Or plants. Not until mid May, too cold for warm weather plants. I am not buying flowers until mid May also. Well I won't buy them then as Hubby barters for the flowers. I also have bulbs and seeds for flowers to plant.

I bought supplies for dogs for 40 % off  AFTER approval of Daughter 4 and Son 2. Actually Son 2 ordered them as he could get them cheaper through his account.

Hubby thinks it is funny that those 2 know more about our finances than he does... why is that?

Son 2 gets medical and financial power of attorney if something happens to us. He also would be the one to have to help Daughter 4 until she is over this cancer surgery and recovery. (Thank Heavens that she has a new granddaughter to take her mind off it Now if she just finds a job in August when she gets released from surgery). After dealing with Mother and Pop getting sick, nursing home, and no clue to how in debt they were. We have been more open and keeping Son 2 up with what is what that includes Daughter 4's care. Like Daddy was with Brother and me. Less stress on all of us.

Why doesn't Hubby? He knows where the financial stuff is at , he knows how to look at where we are standing... he is one of those that just doesn't care to know. He put himself into bankruptcy with his first wife, did it again right after we got married when I took over the finances . He already told Son 2 if something happens to me , he gets the finances. Son2 is fine with that. We have a grandson that is willing to step in there also as he is the one that will do Son2 's if something happens to him and then me (military kid).

I helped Hubby set up his business (Thank you to Legal zoom for crossing those t's and dotting those I's ) and have everything on auto pay and what account to put it on so he doesn't over draw his checking in the winter or late June/ early July during his slow season. I also had him set it up at the bank for over draft protection and everything is set up to text him on reminders etc. Thanks to Son 1 who does that crap HA HA for a living being in IT.

And life keeps rolling