Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Good night Tuesday...Good morning Wednesday

UP at 5:45 as Hubby has 3 jobs today and had to leave at 6:45. He was suppose to only have 1 to haul to the produce auction but E was told at Church on Sunday to have Hubby call a person that needed pallets hauled to Tuesday...E forgot to come say something and forgot what he was suppose to say when Hubby went and asked after he got a phone call because the guy figured it would be confirmed by Monday afternoon. He also picked up another load of a person needing a haul this morning early. He ate bfast and grabbed a snack to eat while waiting to be loaded or unloaded at lunch time. Wasn't sure what time he would get back in so I am making tuna noodle casserole with shredded zucchini so he can reheat it if needed. I have been fixing supper at 5 (dinner to me supper to Hubby) and then watching the weather at 6. 

I ground up the dehydrated basil and jarred it.

I jarred the dehydrated zucchini.

I ground up the dehydrated carrot tops and jarred it with the other ground up greens.

It keeps raining so I don't think I will be able to get out in the gardens. ...yes I was. It stopped raining after dinner so I went out and picked blackberries.

I have dried beans I can shell while watching the weather tonight.Have harvested and shelled enough small red beans to replace the seed I had bought and put a couple meals in the pantry. Heirloom is good.

Laundry is on the drying rack due to rain and wind. 

I spent the morning helping Daughter 4 figure out health,dental,eye and life ins from her new job. I spent last night after going to bed helping her figure out if she should take the legal offer and what her over time would be during the Christmas season.

Then spent the rest of the morning helping Daughter 3 deal with a dog that needs a different home. She took in a friend's then found out the reason the dog needed to go was it is not good with young kids even though her kids are teens she doesn't feel comfortable with the dog. Daughter 4 helped find a home for the dog with a trainer.

I finished checking rooms for repairs,replacements. I need a few things that might be in the barn in storage of Mother's or Daddy's stuff . So when we get to the cleaning of the barn (HA HA) I can pull that out.Nothing as in NEED right now.

The ironing is done.

Mending is done.

I still have both bathrooms to clean but the towels and bath mats are washed and on the drying rack....did the Wheel chair bathroom that Hubby uses and moved my bathroom to a different day. Cleaning products odor got to me. I will pass the one cleaner to my daughter as she uses it but I can't stand the smell.

I need to update finances before I do the bathrooms as a couple bills came in yesterday. Didn't get done and got 2 more bills.

Bfast was oatmeal, lunch grilled cheese with cucumbers /onions in mayo dressing. 

We are out of milk so Hubby is getting that on the way home when he stops to get gas , the store is right around the corner from there. 

Hubby forgot the milk and didn't text me when he was getting gas... so when he went back out to deliver a message and drop his trailer off to be loaded , he went into town and got milk, and 2 bottles of Lysol cleaner and some flowers. 


Up at 5:30 as Hubby is hauling spelt (hulled wheat) to Holmes county. 2 hrs drive there, 2 hrs to wait for bags to be emptied (he will eat lunch then) and 2 hrs back. 

I have laundry out on the line, cool day (51 this morning) but no rain. Front room, front porch, which means dealing with the onions that are cured. Mudroom and back stoop is on the cleaning for the day.

The cured onions will be dealt with. I am putting them in knee high hose and putting garden ties between them. The ones that won't hold well will be sliced and put in dehydrator that can sit on the smoker on the barn porch. 

Later this afternoon when the garden has dried up some I will harvest. 

I need to pay the bills and rework the budget. Dad's finance guy , John  wants me to bring our budget in so he can figure out the best way to get me the money to do what I want but not cost me my arm and leg for taxes. 

Hope you are having a good week.