Sunday, November 8, 2020

Thankful 7th and 8th

I am thankful I got a lot of work done yesterday even though that meant I didn't blog. I have 2 brussels sprout  plants to harvest still after harvesting 3 plants... probably about a quart of sprouts between the two as we've ate off both plants through the season. I canned 2 1/2 pints of tomato juice. Looks like I will have a tray of red tomatoes mid week. I deboned chicken and made broth. 

I am thankful that when Hubby ran a metal fastener from the old fence through 2 of his fingers that he had a tetanus shot and it only went through meat of his index and middle finger. He pulled it back out himself and I washed and bandage. The one could have used 1 or 2 sense wasting my breathe as I know he wouldn't go get that done so I taped it. Looked good when I checked it last night .

I am thankful the last of the old fence is down. That leaves the old dog house that has metal roofing and it's fence and the old clothesline poles we pulled out (they were 4 ft off the ground. Pretty worthless for anything buy small items) that need concrete beat off them and he can haul the old trailer and all the crap on it like old appliances the kids couldn't get hauled away to the junk yard and get a bit of cash from it.

I am thankful I have stayed away from family. Even though it ticked off Hubby's parents. His sister's son has covid, he has been in and out of the grandparents home since he goes to school around the corner from them so NOW they understand as they have to turn friends and family away and stay home themselves. Couple grandsons are taking turns picking up groceries and leaving it on the front porch. 

I pray they all get well and stay well as His sister has no spleen. 

Stay safe, be kind