Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thankful 5th

 Hubby is thankful that the company that does maintenance on his work truck was able to get him right in today and told him they were going to do winter check on it and he could stay in the one office to wait as we live an hour away. SO I don't have to follow, bring him home and then take him back. Not losing 3 hrs of my time or the costs of running the dog truck doing that.

I am thankful for the warm partly sunny day so I can wash all the bedding and furniture throws and hang them on the yard clothesline instead of one by one on a drying rack like it will be during the winter or freeze drying them on the line. 

I am thankful I figured out the laundry room window was not latching and allowing cold air to blow in. Some of the felt weather stripping had shifted and it was making it look like it was latched but wasn't. I shifted it so it would latch and tucked the weather stripping back in place. Windows are still on the punch list.

I am thankful I was able to transfer "paycheck" as Daughter 4 now calls the money we send her for her bills this morning before she leaves for treatment so she could pay her rent this morning. It's due tomorrow but her treatment is tonight and she definitely won't be up to going tomorrow as her landlord does cash only. 

Blessed Be everyone