Tuesday, August 7, 2018

packing to move...trying to be frugal... stage of 209

West loft floor is done, East loft floor needs a 3rd coat.
Stairs to west/east lofts is done.

wheelchair bathroom is almost finished, covers for outlets and switches and the recessed door handle on the door to be done.

bedroom and hall are stained, Carpenter aka Finisher whether he likes it or not LOL... is thinking of staining the south and north loft stairs along with the kitchen and dining room and then poly that entire side of the house at the same time as the bedroom and hall. That would leave the mudroom and front room to stain and poly... that leaves the regular bath open as we can enter through basement or kitchen while the front room, mudroom is stained and poly.

Preparing the kitchen and dining room floors. Where the air compressor is sitting carpenter found a spot that was supposed to have been fixed by the other team and found they didn't even nail the piece down and it definitely wasn't how it was suppose to be either. Not smart to tick this guy off because he took a pic and sent it to the BOSS and the boss just put the other team on notice of one more screw up and they can look for other work and we got credited for the time the first team clocked as doing that area.

I been taking a break from painting the wood that goes on the front yard fence to keep dogs in....
and checking out our windmill
when I get home... I have been working on filling the pantry with these garden items.

 We did start on the pantry in the basement at 209 since we can't be upstairs on the floors as they prep,stain and poly...

These were suppose to hold over 500 lbs each shelf... after a couple hours of holding less than 200 lbs they started giving way in the middle. I am thankful I caught it before the boards broke, thankful is was metal cans and not canning jars. Since we bought them several months ago the place we bought them at can't do anything to help us and did tell me to let the company making them know and send pictures of what it did.

25 buckets of 20-25 lbs of staples in them. 20 cases of jarred food and what isn't showing is the 30 cloth grocery bags of steel can foods and plastic jarred items... 1/6th of the pantry is moved to 209. I cleared the root cellar today.

We have found by eating a decent size lunch that we can get away with eating a light snack for dinner.... We watch the specials at the little store around from us and know to go for a late lunch to the Chinese buffet.Have went to Arby's on Monday as the Chinese buffet is closed when the little store has a special I can't eat or neither of us wants.

Head contractor asked how we were feeling..happy excited etc... we went exhausted, frustrated and over whelmed... bad enough Hubby thought about hiring the rest to be packed, moved and unpacked and I was like ...then we can pay our one kid that is trying to find extra work so she can get a car instead of bumming rides due to her car catching fire(wiring) and being a total loss, ins didn't cover that.She's giving me 10 hrs on Saturday....possible 12 hrs.

Got to get around, laundry has to be done tonight as dryer goes to 209 tomorrow and I'll be down the drying rack and YEAH the clothes line as they just finished working on the road and are done crop dusting also.