Sunday, July 8, 2018

Frugal week of the 4th

I prepped several meals and put them in the freezer and posted a list on the frig.

We went to produce auction and got
pickles and zucchini... I would like to have more zucchini but I am not going out to get a lot more, just enough to try another recipe I ran across that makes is taste like pineapple.

Jade green beans, I got enough to process for us to have plenty for the year and a couple meals as fresh.

Roma green beans, a wide green bean that I use for one pot green beans, ham and potatoes. I have enough for the year also.

Candy onions, we gave one box to a friend as each box is 10 lbs. I have enough onions for 2-3 months.

I have to find out where the local extension office is to take in a bit of my grapes which seem to have a problem they didn't have last year.
We went to see Daddy who was on the tired side as he had joined a group exercise instead of a morning nap.
Wilbur and Rascal sitting at my feet while I watch Charlotte to make sure she stays in the yard.
This is Charlotte's "I won't do it again" after she was let out of her cage after a 15 minute time out for taking off AGAIN.  Wilbur "told" on her and Rascal chased her back out of the field to the house. Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent ?

Hubby worked the "pit" at the fireworks so I stayed home and watched the ones that were shot off by the little village up the road from us.

Weather has finally cooled off, turned off AC, opened windows (almost kicked furnace on when it dropped to 55 in the morning) and enjoyed the good breeze while I put polyurethane on the bathroom doors for 209. I need one more good day to finish the second door.

Used gas buddy and Kroger fuel points for cheapest gas.