Friday, January 3, 2014

Frugal Friday including eating from the pantry

It's been a very frugal week...that's great because there was no extra money for anything including groceries for this week. Glad I have already planned to eat from the pantry this month.

We had an early dinner today, Hubby's work for tonight got cancelled (OUCH) so he ran the snow blower in the lane since they are forecasting 4-8 and winds for here this weekend.

I know how he would come in, get warm and then pass out( he works graveyard) until 2-3 am so I fixed bacon, eggs, leftover home fries and toast . If either of us gets hungry later we can have leftover pork roast sandwiches or cheese and crackers.

Today I processed in the pressure canner 14 pints and 6 quarts of different broths from carcass and bones given to us , 3 pints of apple butter (apples given to us this fall) and 2 pints of homemade BBQ sauce using my own red sauce as the base. I am now out of quart jars and down to 8 pints and 24 1/2 pints (jelly jars) left to can in.

Hubby used some Gorilla tape to tape the hole in the top of my barn (rubber) boots, hopefully they will last until late spring.

THEN Hubby used the same tape to tape my jacket back together after the pup got his nails caught in to the fabric. It's a very old jacket, was my son's and its cracking in places but I was hoping to make it last through this winter as my other jacket has zipper issues that I haven't been able to fix.Either it doesn't want to zip, or it zips and I can't get back out of it without pulling it over my head.

Hubby has finally gotten in the habit of turning off the power strip to the TV and computer after turning them off. Our electrician talked to him about ghost power and batteries that still use power even though the item is off. I marked it on our calendar when I started turning it off (which was every night) and our electric dropped almost $20.

We sent in a rebate that Hubby usually just pitches and doesn't bother to give to me. But he realized that even though it wasn't for very much it could add up and with spring coming I would need every little bit of extra money to buy for the gardens. I do collect some of my seeds but haven't done as well as I would like to. I think I have a black thumb to my shoulder :(

I need to go watch the local weather on TV even though I am already prepared for bad weather, I like to take the dogs out a bit more before it actually hits so their cabin fever doesn't get so bad.

Blessed Be