Monday, January 21, 2019

Two neighbors came to tell us it was 22 below at 7 am.

Hubby plowing again as he plowed yesterday for 5 hrs after working all night plow state routes. Neighbor and his brother in law saw Sherm out and thought they should come tell him how cold it was. It was just around 10 below when they were talking. Hubby grew up farming with livestock so he knows how to bundle up.

I put laundry on the drying rack and got a new sock dryer on clearance with 15 % off to dry the socks.
Suppose to hang it from a clothes line or shower rod but this spot has a heat vent in the kitchen. Wished I would have had one of these when the kids were little with all the wet mittens , hats and socks there was in the winter.

I have bread rising and a pie crust in the frig chilling to bake custard pie.The kettle on the stove has hot tea.We had fresh eggs (another free 2 dozen from the Amish neighbor) and bacon and toast for brunch as we both slept in from working out side yesterday. I stayed up and watched the moon ellipse ... had to go outside as it passed directly over the house and dumb me didn't go look out the skylight in the upstairs north loft. I went out side in the freaking snow and cold. I roasted brisket yesterday while roasting our chuck steak. It's now just a reheat for today as we didn't know if Hubby would be called into work or not.

I've adjust my baking schedule and what to fix according to the coldest days this week. Tomorrow is decent starts at 5 above and goes to mid 30s. and Wed is the same and then it's a down hill slide again through the weekend. Winter squash and definitely a turkey in the oven this week.Might do another pie and cookies, maybe bread pudding.

I tossed the grocery store ads directly in the trash when Hubby brought them in with the newspaper.

Hubby now has 19 % saved for one trailer, if he buys both trailers he is wanting together he has 15%. The one place sells both and he is hoping when he goes to buy there he can get a deal with buying 2 for CASH. BUT if he went and bought the smaller one first he would 76 %.

I have 85 % of the garden stuff with 10 %  saved for what is left I need.

I am still at 35% for the deck gravel as the garden is coming first.

We are still at 50% for the health ins which is okay as we won't NEED it for 18 months but still don't want to need it and not have it.

I spent $55 on groceries this month. 2 gals milk, 2 lbs carrots, 6 lbs of onions, 2 lbs of limes, 3 avocados, 2 bags of tortilla chips, 1 container of cottage cheese, 1 of ricotta cheese and 1 of Greek yogurt, pkg of 16 of 8 inch tortilla wraps,6 lbs of apples and 4 lbs of mushrooms (marked down). I needed celery but I wasn't willing to pay that price for something that looked that bad.The neighbor had some and gave it to me in exchange for going after gas for them , wasn't out of the road as Hubby had to go to work.

It's easy to be frugal when you can't go anywhere due to the weather. I did research online the items I need to make soil blocks for my seeds and another grow light. Along with that I priced out gravel for the entire driveway, the deck and around the pond...if I pay for it ALL then I'm 10%. Hubby is trying to find someone to loan him a dump truck, he has a couple ex co workers that own them. IF we can borrow the dump truck for the price of fuel it's cuts the cost by 45 %.

Blessed Be