Friday, March 3, 2023


 We were down to this on wood... definitely under estimated amount needed. We thought 4 cords would be enough. Had more soft wood than hard wood. Soft wood is good during 50 degree days. By the stove

What is left of what we stored

We used 20 bags of coal... Coal is good for when the HIGH temp is no more than 32. Even the Amish that use only coal said they were struggling to not over heat the house. Buying coal to replace what we used is OFF the list.

Hubby kept all the wood from pruning and projects we did through the summer.

Including all the scraps of crap. When E saw what we were down to he dragged up some trees that a person had cut down but never came back for( upset E as he doesn't like waste of any kind), plus a few he cut down to help keep his woods healthy. They just transplanted over 2 dozen  2 yr. old hard wood maples .

So Hubby cut those up since they are cured about 2 yrs, we can use them now.

Hubby felt we would be okay to get through this spring.  He was just finishing cutting the last of this when he got a call to come to the sawmill and haul wood.

When he got there, he found it was OUR wood. We had moved our name on the wood list to put E's dad in front of us so wasn't expecting any wood until end of March, maybe April. We won't be unloading it today as we are expecting 3 inches of rain and 30-50 MPH winds. It's under the barn over hang with a tarp with weight covering what little isn't covered by the over hang. Plus Hubby thought about wind driving the rain under the over hang. 
E's brother N who sold us the house, said he would fill the garden shed to the rafters with wood and have 2 cords of wood up by the house.  The garden shed is 12 by16 by 10 (to rafters). That is 4 times the amount we had figured. But we definitely need to make sure we keep the hard wood separate from soft wood.