Saturday, May 23, 2020

I started my Autumn stocking early

I started to say fall stocking but considering I just got the results back from the second more detailed xray I am not using the word FALL. Just a FYI... what the Urgent care thought was a hairline break was actually an old break (that is common to show up as a new one) BUT it is broke at the capitate which is in the wrist at the bottom of the middle finger. They were surprised there was nothing else broke as it usually doesn't break by it's self. Now I have a different splint that Velcro's so I can take it off to rub the arm or wash. No lifting or pulling... of course I have tried to open the dishwasher twice now and immediately STOP. OUCH.

We turned the furnace back on when the temp in the house hit 66. Hubby can't handle that cold after 30 plus years of working around furnaces in the die shop.The wind is from the north east and that sucks the heat right out of the house. By Saturday afternoon it should be warm again and hopefully stay there.

Sorry side track there..

I decided since we were going to Sidney to my bone doc appt that we would stop at Aldi's. I let M know and she gave me her list but it included diabetes test strips from Walmart (right behind Aldi's) since she is having issues with her sugar during her pregnancy, her 9th. Hubby went to Walmart to get the test strips and a few other things we know Aldi's doesn't care while I was at the bone doc appt. Which worked out well.

We went to Aldi's... Hubby got M's list. He found out at check out that he could only buy 2 five pound bags and she needed 25 lbs.  Another person bought 2 of the other bags for him and the cashier took the 5th one back. I found out that I can only buy can goods at 4 at a time... really? Even my girls open 6 at a meal for their families. I understand setting limits but there is no acknowledgement of the larger families. I am glad I started my stocking up NOW.

We stopped at the IGA to get my pepperoni. I usually buy the whole stick?LOG? I was allowed a pound as they haven't gotten any in a month and are looking at another 2-3 months before they start getting pepperoni.I do not eat what comes in plastic bags. My Italian grandmother spoiled me, the other tastes off and like old grease to me. I grabbed another 5 lb bag of flour for M.

We unloaded at M's and then unloaded ours at home and while I taking things out of bags Hubby mentioned he noticed everything was costing about 4 times a much as it used to. Yep.

We sat down and reworked the budget. Made some changes so we can get to next year. Shifted some things. I told Hubby I was going on line to finish out stocking. We won't have as much as we like to have, won't have all the varieties we are used to  having but we won't have to worry about going to the store.

I priced out Sam's club, (that will be sugar and flour in bulk) Target,Krogers, Walmart and Amazon. I ordered from Krogers, Walmart and Amazon (through the Prudent Homemaker) Now we aren't running all over trying to find stuff, aren't taking a chance of getting sick especially important with me having a colonoscopy on Tuesday (sucks no cook out for me on Memorial day as that is a liquid diet day).... and it's being delivered free from all of the places.

About 3 more weeks I will have radishes, lettuces, green onions, spinach, Chinese mustard and kale for salads so we won't be buying that at the store.

 I have 1 1/2 deep freezers of different meats, I have canned meat.

I have pastas, rice,beans, lentils,dried and canned potatoes and I am growing potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I have veggies canned and in the freezer and more that with prayers will grow well in the gardens.

I have rhubarb for our fruit. We have berry bushes that won't make for another year or two and just planted 12 fruit trees. We have 2 apple trees that haven't done well even after pruning and spraying so they might only be cider apples. But I know where I can get apples for a good price along with peaches. We planted 8 grape vines as the old one is concord and good for juice and jelly but we got nothing off it last year. I am going to try to start a new vine off of starts from it next spring. We will also be splitting the asparagus as it's not growing as well. Too crowded.

I bought canned fruit.

We won't buy anything but dairy from the store.... might get red bell peppers and fresh mushrooms, two things I don't grow nor do any around me grow.

Are you planing to stock up ?