Tuesday, September 6, 2022

keep just rolling along. Wood stove delayed

 I got 12 jars of plain tomato sauce, 12 jars of BBQ sauce and 12 jars of pasta sauce over the weekend

I still need 34 jars of tomato sauce, 17 jars of pasta sauce, 25 jars of pizza sauce and 12 jars of tomato juice. 

Also at least 16 cups of summer squash,10 cups of peas, 26 jars of applesauce , 42 jars of pears(probably won't happen unless E ends up with extra from someone else)... red cabbage *with apples (what ever I get as I have 4 red cabbage) eggroll filling (using the last 2 green cabbages) along with noodles, eggroll wrappers and dumpling wrappers. Ham and Turkey... chicken thighs if I ever find them.

I have potatoes that are cured that I need to brush off and put in baskets so I have room to put the next batch to cure. I have herbs to be cut and dehydrated

We took a walk out to the fruit trees in the rain (off and on all weekend actually made me feel cold) that are in pots as Hubby is going to transplant them this month and on the way back to the house we toured the gardens and it took both of us to carry 4 of the tomatoes (they would almost make half the pizza sauce as I can 6 oz jars). Goat bag tomatoes are turning red LOL. 

Peas are blooming. Hubby point the blooms out and that he needed to go ahead and pull the Brussels sprouts and kalettes that did NOTHING. First time that happened. Depending on price is I buy any Brussels sprouts. for the freezer. 

Sweet potato vines are starting to turn yellow so it won't be long that we will be harvesting them.

The last piece of chimney is in. Hubby is going to find a lift to rent so E and him are safer that standing on a ladder or the roof reaching out.

Chimney came in under budget so did propane so the "extra" will go to the medical fund for next year. 

The manufacture let A know the stove was waiting on 1 piece to come in, since it's the piece to hold the top , it's kind of can't go around that issue.  Won't be in until Nov.  

I rechecked for the millionth time where we would be with propane. If it comes in before the end of Jan (worse possible in my mind) we would be okay. Worse would be we order more propane and pay the going price. We could use a gas buddy heater in the pump house instead of the propane on the main tank. Will lower the thermostat more than last year.

The coal is in and ready for pick up. A said to come get this load not wait until stove is in because it will be increasing by 10 %. This was also under budget at we figured the inflation would have already been added in.

We have 2 things Hubby had not ordered that I told him to order now. The stove is going to be the last to save for instead of the medical and these last 2 items.

Other orders for grid down items has came in UNDER budget ( I would rather over budget than under budget) that money WAS going to be shifted to medical $$. 

Now I am finishing paying for the items not ordered and transferring the medical to savings and then finish saving for the stove since I have 2 months to do that.

Now to go to CVS and use my extra bucks before they expire.