Thursday, August 12, 2021

in the pantry... how we eat during the year.

 Daughter 2  and Daughter 4 asked how many jars of each things I canned or stored... then they changed it do what do I "put up" and how many of each.

I use old pickle, mayo jars and jars over 10 yrs. old (thank you to my late Daddy who kept his canning jars even when he quit canning for dry goods.

I have 36 of 5 gal buckets for different flours/sugar/oats /assorted rice and homemade noodles.

I have 12 quarts of different grains.

I have 6 quarts and 12 pints of different "sweeteners/syrups" such as maple syrup, fruit syrups, honey etc.

Fruits (anything I can get my hands on) 1095 pints

Dried fruits * if I buy and it's in plastic it goes in a jar* 104 quarts (old jars)

Pie filling  192 quarts  192 pints

Vegetables 24 quarts 1460 pints 365 pints in freezer bags and 52 quarts dehydrated (old jars)

Soup Chili 52 pints Veggie soup 14 quarts.

Broth Chicken/Turkey/ beef  21 quarts 42 pints

Tomatoes  pasta sauce 52 quarts

                 tomato sauce 52 pints

                enchilada sauce 26 pints

                pizza sauce 26 half pints

                whole tomatoes 52 quarts

                Roma roasted tomatoes 52 pints

                green tomatoes diced 52 pints

Jam/ jellies/ fruit butters 156 pints

Pickled anything 12 quarts *refrigerator pickles/ spicy squash pickles and 180 pints

Condiments  208 pints 104 half pints

Juice Apple and Grape... 48 quarts

I keep my dried beans in canning jars. I grow dried soup beans also. I have 56 quarts Plus what ever is coming in this fall from harvest. 

I keep my pasta in canning jars. I have 60 quarts in use right now.

I keep my home grown herbs and any spices that are not in glass (I buy bulk a lot) in canning jars. I have 80  quarts/ 40 pints/ 20 half pints in use right 

That totals come to close to 768 quarts (64 cases) 3600 pints ( 300 cases) 168 half pints(14 cases) that's 4536 jars I HAVE before this delivery came in


52 quarts of beef chunks

12 quarts beef pot pie filling

52 quarts of hamburger crumbles

12 pints of steak

52 pints of hamburger patties 

52 pints meatloaf patties

52 quarts of pork chunks

24 pints of boneless pork chops

52 quarts of sausage crumbles 

52 quarts of ground pork crumbles

52 pints of sausage patties

52 pints of ground pork patties

26 quarts chicken chunks

26 quarts turkey chunks 

24 pints of chicken soup( I will leave out noodles or rice as I can add them when reheating soup)

12 quarts of chicken pot pie filling 

12 quarts of canned meat sauce for pasta

12 quarts of canned meat balls and sauce for pasta

24 pints of canned sloppy joe

24 pints of canned taco meat

52 pints of canned bean soup

26 pints of pork broth.

12 pints of apple jam 

12 half pints of tomato paste

That is an additional 30 cases of quarts and 34 cases of pints and a case of half pints (I only have 2 half pints empty)

I'm sure since he is in "prepper" mode that will be more. At least he takes the time to hunt up good directions on how to can it safely. 

That's not touch the corn relish I am going to try for the first time pints or anything else that comes along. I have beans and tomatoes coming in(admit this is starting to run me over) and M has corn, tomatoes which is running her over.  B and A both have cabbage they want to give me. Or the pumpkin that will come in during the fall, maybe more beets?