Friday, January 1, 2010

tv room pantry

Since I have taken the EAT FROM YOUR PANTRY challenge , I decided to start posting my pantry... okay , this is only part of my pantry.This is my small bookcases and in the closet of the tv room.
I grew up with stocking for the yr since most the food came from the garden we raised.I have pretty much kept this up most of my life.Only now days it's mostly boughten goods instead of my own canned food( dreaming of being back in country with full garden) I've not adjusted to the fact I can be at a grocery store in 10 min. I do buy most of everything when it is one sale. Canned veggies and canned fruit go down in price when it's their peak season. I only buy apples and bananas thru the winter and use the canned and frozen in off season times.

Frugal Fridays

This a first for me ...
so my financial goals for this year are
# 1 pay all bills on time( no late fees saves money and builds credit score)
#2 increase my income. Hubby is holding at 40 hrs and that covers the household bills but leaves nothing for gas,food, meds, etc .Mine this last yr has been very low.
#3 pay off at least 1/4th of the back debt.We didn't get in this mess over night, we can't get out of it over night either.I want to be debt free in 4 yrs and have the rental sold within 2 ( our tenants are going to try to buy it this yr)
#4 rebuild savings.
#5 Hold retirement fund steady.

Happy New Year's Day.
Day 1 of Eat From the Pantry Challenge
bfast: eggs, bacon, home fries, toast, OJ
lunch: grilled cheese with baby bell peppers, Italian wedding soup, water
dinner: Krat with pork, Pork Tenderloin, and mashed potatoes.Ice Cream between snickerdoodle cookies, milk for me and coffee for hubby