Monday, December 14, 2020

frugal ???

 Not sure but I have been unplugging inside Christmas lights at 8 pm. I plug them back in when I get up and then unplug when there it light out around 8 am. I plug them in at 4:30 when we sit down for supper.

I put a ham bone, 2 packages of ham chunks and 5 cups of ham (gel) broth in the freezer.

Hubby got a small prime rib roast for half price at the butcher shop. It was Saturday and they were closing and they were going to put it in the freezer since they aren't open on Sunday. 

Hubby thought he found some store bought bread cheaper than I could bake. It was 5 cents an ounce. He figured up my home made bread . It was 3 cents an ounce. It's hard to judge the cost of fuel to bake it as I never bake just a loaf of bread. 

Hubby made the snickerdoodles (requested by daughter 4 and her daughter) since they can actually tell who made them by the taste (really, we have repeatedly tried to fool them, they know) I did the baking and vacuum packing. I have already done the choc chips and the peanut butter cookies. Thirty six dozen cookies takes it's toll for sure. Have sugar cookies, oatmeal with King Arthur fruit blend and buckeyes left to do . 

We have used new recipes for some of the cookies and found that the recipe either yields less or a lot more than stated even with using the correct measure for the size. I don't know if I should be thankful I have extra supplies or upset.

We have ate from the pantry. Quick meals that can be done in 20 minutes otherwise I might collapse on the floor in exhaustion. 

I mended Hubby's work pants, a dish towel and a button my pants.

TIS the season