Thursday, April 28, 2011

To those going thru bad weather

My prayers are for you.

I got some calls this morning, asking advice about freezers with power being out.What to do with the food etc.

Freezers thaw from the top down so your most important meat/veggies should be on the bottom.Don't open the door unless you need to and do so as little as possible. Cover the freezer with a blanketto help keep it coolunless it's winter and it's below 32 where the freezer is.I have actually had to cover up my freezer to keep the motor from freezing up when it was in the garage.

If you know you are going to be losing food, pass it along to others that need food to eat NOW.IF you can't find anyone, get ahold of who ever is running the shelter and such around you and see if they can use it or know who you can give it to.Sometimes the soup kitchens and churchs will take it.

Be safe everyone.