Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This week's goals or sort of

The sort of part is because we are moving our one son to his new home he bought (first time home owner) and gathering his stuff that I've been using the last 2 yrs that he didn't have room for and finish refinishing the desk I am doing for him by Thursday night is the priority. Moving days is Friday and Saturday.

I have extra work as I have found the ants I thought were gone were in hiding and the field mice are starting to come in earlier than normal...that's usually mid September and I don't have that prevention in place. My dogs actually hunt the mice out but don't try to catch them.

I need to go back to rise and shining at 4:30. I have started new meds due to not sleeping due to pain and it's made me into a zombie and it's been closer to 7:30. My doctor advised me to cut it in half and see if that makes it better with the reminder that I have been exhausted and that it will take awhile to recover from that.

TO DO list

Create a workable schedule that reflects my health issues.

Deal with ants .

Deal with mice prevention.

Finish refinishing son's desk.

Finish packing son's stuff and place in loading area as it's packed.

Finish cleaning the shelves in the butler's pantry.

Update pantry needs list. (I was checking Clark Howard's site about a store cheaper than Amazon and instead found Livingsocial having a sale of Sam's club membership so I got one as we wanted one but couldn't afford the price of the one we wanted. We will be stopping there Friday or Saturday as our son's is only 15 min from a Sam's club).


Harvest peppers.

Harvest tomatoes.

Harvest assorted herbs.Weed this area.

Harvest Armenian cucumbers.

Harvest dry soup beans.

Harvest seeds for next yrs gardens.

Plant fall/winter crops.

Plant onions bulbs and  kalettes and lettuce that is ready for transplants.

Clear the pots that I did container gardening in and the flower pots that have annual flowers that have died.


Get out of bed at 4:30 instead of 7:30.

Ride stationary bike daily for at least 15 minutes.

Walk perimeter (which is 1/3 of mile) with dogs 9 times a day. I do this 3 times a day now.


Move son.

Check out Sam's club.

Go to store for non-food(dog food and some household stuff) and milk,eggs and cheese.


Harvest daily for fresh food for the table at dinner time.

Make pasta sauce with tomatoes from garden and can.

Make zucchini bread pancakes for freezer.

Dry peppers,herbs and cherry tomatoes that won't get ate.

Pickle Chinese cabbage and can. Possible freeze some also.

I cooked a turkey and pork roast yesterday since I was in the house anyways most the day. We had turkey for dinner last night. I will cut the rest off the bone and process it for meals and vacuum pack it for the freezer and then toss the carcass in the stock pot to make broth for noodles and dumplings.  I will have the pork roast for tonight and divide the rest to make BBQ pork for this weekend and Brunswick stew for later this fall.

Have a blessed week!