Wednesday, March 2, 2022

when family and friends are not getting their paychecks

 due to cyber hacking. I think all the kids, grandkids and a few friends either texted, called or FB us to give us a heads to watch our finances due to cyber attacks. I have some orders sitting at Amazon, I get notified when it runs through my credit card. My credit card is now giving 24 hr. notice of when something will actually be ran through so I have time to check to make sure it's for what I ordered. Hubby said his business card is doing the same. At first I was like crap... now it's like "this should stay" so I have time to STOP it if it is fraud. Fighting fraud on your credit card sucks... been there and done that. Son 2 is helping as he went through this about 7 yrs ago when  the govt shut down and he still had to go to work without a paycheck coming in.

I have one that the landlord is working with them but the utilities didn't care even though the company gave it's employees  a letter on company letter head with a number to call to confirm the person is employed with them. So we helped with utilities. One just needed gas money for the next few weeks (they get every two weeks) and their company is hoping it gets it fixed. Kid was like" if they had waited one day to hack it, I would have had my check".

We went to chiro, doctor told me I did a good job of getting my hip back in place... I was out less than normal. HA HA AND I could start back on the inversion table but only at a slight tilt which is what I was doing anyways not the full upside down.

We stopped at Menards, 11 % rebate and got more off the list that the other Menards didn't have the other day. Added drinking water for storage . 

Stopped at TSC to get clothes line stuff since Menards didn't have it. They were out also. BUT we found a solar unit for the electric fencing so we can put the electric fence around the corn (stops deer and coons from eating the corn) and not increase the electric bill. Got dog food that was on sale. 

We went to Aldi's... M needed cream cheese and bananas. They were out of cream cheese so Hubby just got the bananas. SO we stopped at another Aldi's on the way home, they were at a limit of 2 cream cheese but I got 2 also (she needed 24) and some stuff that was on our grocery list, I added more sugar for us as M had mentioned it was not coming in to the local store.

Then we went to Walmart that was 1 mile down the road from Aldi's. Got M's cream cheese and the rest of what was on our grocery  list. Loaded the truck AND

TRUCK WOULD NOT START .... Hubby then realized he had taken the jumper cables out of that truck for the work truck and when replaced work truck cables he laid the other set in the barn instead of putting them back in the other truck. SO he went in to buy jumper cables and to see if there was anyone there that could jump us.

Automotive dept employee came out and jumped the truck for us. He had a jumper box aka Jumper car box. I told Hubby we needed 2, one for each truck. Then we never would have to wait for someone to come by and jump us.   

We stopped at Auto zone on the way home, alternator is good, battery was in bad shape. We have a new battery. Auto zone guy told me to put on the calendar to have it checked in 2 yrs. BEFORE winter LOL.

The Amish have been growing spelt... they call it speltz. One of women figured out how to make decent bread with it and brought over a loaf with the warning it goes stale faster than even whole wheat but will make good toast even stale... I mentioned that it would then make good bread pudding... he is passing that thought to his wife as neither of them thought about it. He also brought some of the flour so I could "play" with it.  I think I will try a cake. If it turns out I will take some over to they with the recipe. 

Both humidifiers are out of water and need filters changed. Since it's getting warmer and more moisture is coming in. I decide to not change the filters. Might regret that choice in a couple weeks if we get hit with another round of freezing rain, sleet and snow.

Prayers for peace.

Blessed Be