Saturday, January 1, 2022

2021 2022

 2021 :we got a lot of big goals done.

House reappraised and refinanced to remove PMI. Two years paid off house mortgage in 3 months.

2022 health insurance co pays and out of pocket in savings.

Front porch and ADA ramp done.

Kitchen porch done.

Three garden beds  covered with row cover for late fall early winter gardens. 

We produced 61 % of our produce. Bought 20% from Amish/farmers markets and the rest from the grocery store

More gravel into the driveway.

Concord grape harbor removed (wasn't getting much grapes anyways)

White seedless grapes and purple seedless grapes planted.

Butterfly, hummingbird, bee garden started.

A second purple martin bird house installed. 


More gravel to widen driveway (especially where the old grape harbor was) Hubby routinely has 2 wheels of the dually in the yard.  

Finish clearing the barn of Mother's, Pop's(step dad), Daddy's and late husband's stuff (his daughter down sizing due to injuries and gave it back to me to see if the rest of the kids want any of it). Goal is to have this done by end of March as our township has a clean up day in April to haul anything the normal trash won't FOR FREE.

I want to add a drip line for the gardens so I am not spending HOURS hand watering and to be more frugal with our water.

We want to make a cold storage area, not necessarily a root cellar. 

We want to produce 75% of our produce, buy 20% from Amish/farmers markets and 5% from the store.

I want to sew winter curtains for my bedroom and one for the north stairwell as it has no door (can't put one there).

I want to start Halo red twig dogwoods from our bush.

I want to get a Blaze rose started.

We want to plant all the fruit trees in ground and prune back the 2 apple trees and berry bushes. 

I want to transplant blueberry bushes to add more acid soil (ours is sweet)

I want sit and have coffee on the kitchen porch or deck in the morning and possibly meals in the evenings on kitchen porch (deck would be hot.)

I want my "canning" kitchen in the barn set up

I want spend evenings in the swing watching the fire pit (marshmallows any one?)

We want to eat on regular times. It's been all over the place this past year. Hubby is going to have to curtail some last minute add on to his jobs.

We want to eat healthier (lower my inflammation and Hubby's weight) Surprisingly we didn't GAIN weight during the pandemic but we did not LOSE either.

We want to continue to pay off the mortgage early. Hubby would like it paid off when he turns 65, that's 22 months from now. I really don't see that but He might get it for his 68th birthday instead.

Here is a toast to strength, will power and blessings of this new year