Monday, April 17, 2023

what a week


We told E that Candy was not doing well by herself. She's 13 and has always been with the other horses.  His oldest son brought Nifty (retired race horse age 20) 

Nifty has been here before so was comfortable. Candy settle right down.

We got half of the weed barrier and trellises up for the berry vines. 

I planted 12 rose bushes, 2 elderberry bushes, 10 horseradish, and 4 rhubarb. 

Hubby laid more weed barrier down for the pollinator gardens. They are laying there but no soil.

I picked half bushel of asparagus to process today.

Blanch, freeze on cookie sheets, and then vacuum bag.

Sunday through Wednesday morning the weather SUCKS. Cold (almost to freezing in the mornings) wet, rain , wind and today SNOW PELLETS


Hubby is in barn putting together 2 more beds as it was too bad for him to even drive fence posts in.

He is now carrying a 3x5 inch notepad and pen in his shirt pocket. It's helping with the memory issues. I had to draw a diagram of how I needed the berry trellises and weed barrier after he installed 3 trellises backwards.  We will have to buy more posts to add support as he made it clear he wasn't digging the posts back up and moving them.  I saw him sitting on the end of the trailer with his head down and E came over to check on him. Sat down with him and talked a bit and they both went over to the trellises. E put zip ties where the extra support would be needed. Hubby wrote it down in his notepad the zip ties is where the extra posts goes. E made a point later to let me know also.

Hubby also let the Amish know he would not be making long trips without one of them riding with him. He is doing well with GPS on his truck (dash board not on his phone) but feels he needs that extra "we need to stop for break" person. Couple of them asked if their kids could go (16 and older) to let them see outside the community. We both thought that was okay. Adults seem to fall asleep on long rides where the kids stay awake.

We updated my to do list. Nine a day SIGH.... The 12 garden beds that was to come in next month will be here this week. SO Hubby ordered 220 of 2 cubic raised bed soil to be delivered Saturday. Well worth the $79 to have it delivered than the 3 hrs. spent going after it, picking it up and bringing it back NOT touching UNLOADING it. This way they will unload it right where we need it to be.

I am waiting to plant the last of the berry vines since he doesn't have that area done. I can after this crappy  weather gets through put soil in the pollinator gardens and plant it. Hubby is going after mulch for the roses and elderberries later this week.

I need to plan menu and prep meals...AFTER I finish the asparagus

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace and patience 


AND it starts

 Our 1st meal of asparagus. I have enough up that we gathered a meals worth for a friend. It went well with the bacon sandwiches we had for last night dinner.

I planted different varieties of lettuce, onions, beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, peas and greens yesterday. My fake hip and lower back are letting me know I wasn't supposed to do all of that in one day LOL. I took breaks a lot but should have stretched more than I did and used my tens unit pain doctor got for me before bed. Lesson learned NOT.

Hubby went to do a couple hauling jobs... told me to take it easy and then called me as he sat in the driveway and asked me to put some of the smaller garden beds (pollinator beds) together so he would be able to figure out how much weed barrier to put under them tomorrow. I laughed. I guess he figures that is taking it easy for me.

Stay safe

Blessed be

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