Friday, February 7, 2020

1/4th of Feb gone, goals for next week.

What do I have done?

Taxes are gathered and appt is for the 13th along with our chiro appt... at which time we will also have our Valentine's Day and Anniversary (18th) meal out. I am thinking Lock 16 steak house in Lima. Bills are paid until the 10th. I am focusing on doing the finances on the 2nd of the money and then the 2nd Wed (as that is when Hubby will get his SS) and then the 3rd Wed (when I would get mine). This is the routine Hubby's parents use. I got a hold of Social Security (heavens what that a pain) and asked about the income test for those that file before full retirement age. She acknowledged it is written and is very confusing but the 45 hrs was suppose to be for professionals that work part time like doctors... and Hubby would fall under the part that is monthly earnings of NET income. She was polite enough to send it to me in writing also. Hubby doesn't have a net income with his hobby.

Propane is delivered. We have enough credit to get 3 more tank fulls.... that should actually put us in to next spring.

We have not saved any money on the chart :( unless you want to count the ZERO block

I ordered what we were out of on spices and condiments. I can sub on Mexican food but not Asian and we do eat it a lot.

We went to store and I bought a lot of fresh produce as I am trying to work that back into my diet. I can eat 1/2 cup total a day without problems. Goals by end of March is 2 cups a day.

Hubby paid for his oil change for the truck and maintenance.

Daughter 4 is getting a car this weekend so I can go get mine back from her (4 hr trip to get it)... It will need an oil change (she is paying me for the oil change), and brakes. So more money not saved.

Hubby was in getting a new converter (used with lawn mower battery for nebulizers for Amish as the one he had bought the fuses blew and he found he could not replace the fuses,will not buy that style again) and saw dog food was on sale for $1 off. He had a coupon for 10% off total amount. So he saved $3 on each 52 lb bag. They go through 2-3 bags a month. That should take us to end of March unless they become horses, as they already eat like piggies.

For Modern Mrs Darcy challenge I have read The Year of Yes By Shonda Rhimes. The Family Garden by Melissa K. Norris, Starting over by Jackie Clay, A Day In An Amish Kitchen by Bob Ottum, and We Had Everything But Money  by Reimen Publications.

 I am reading Daily Rituals by Mason Currey , Original Square Foot garden by Mel Bartholomew and Family Feast for $75 a week by Mary Ostyn  right now. I float through 4-5 books a day. Read a chapter or two and then do another book. My "sleep" book is always a reread book which is Nora Roberts trilogy of The Sign of Seven.

Grocery pantry challenge...We are eating from the pantry of course. Just adding dairy and fresh produce. I did buy some cans of fire roasted tomatoes since I didn't get any roma/paste tomatoes last year. I got 1 can per month until tomatoes should be in to make my own. I lent 1 lb of yeast to M as when E went to the bulk store they boxed the groceries up while he was loading something else and he didn't think to check the boxes and the yeast that was on the list was forgotten. I told her to just replace it when she gets hers but that should last her 2 wks according to her. E now knows to double check before leaving the bulk store. I keep 2-4 lbs of yeast in the freezer as it lasts a good year after date that way. I need to work on being more efficient in the kitchen which is the challenge for Feb.

I am slowly changing from buy stuff premade like Creme Fraiche, Kimchi and sour cream, things we don't eat a lot of but use enough to make it but not to buy it and then it go to waste.

I decided against winter sowing since the weather is bouncing from teens to 60s on a regular bases. I haven't planned out the spring planting yet. I do have the list for my grow cart plants to start.

On Declutter 365 I have 15 left to do of 29 days. One of them is from Jan and that's the decluttering on the spice cabinet which is in the dining room. I will do that when I spring clean the kitchen in which I add the dry goods book case, china cupboard and spice cabinet.

I spring cleaned my bedroom... took 3 days. Probably would have only taken two (I am showing my age by not having it done in 6 hrs) I did move some furniture around and boxes out from under the bed. The only thing under the bed now is my shoe boxes... two take up half the area under the bed. Shoes I am wearing now are in the shoe rack hanging on the back of the door and boots are behind the door or beside the bookcase. Easier to dust mop now.

Goals for this weekend and next week

Change dentist appts for us to a Thursday from Tuesday as Hubby wants to make errands and such all one day a week when it is both of us so he doesn't have to check the calendar if someone calls and asks if he can help... he knows not on Thursdays.

fill out Kroger survey for 50 bonus points.

Scan and send verification for health ins

Scan medical bills and send to RRA for reimbursement. We decided to use the RRA for copays,deductibles and just pay the health ins out of our pocket like it will come out of the SS when we go on medicare .

finish printing stuff for taxes

Appts... taxes and chiro, Valentine and anniversary dinner on Thursday, I guess we can add celebrating getting the taxes done???

Start seeds in grow cart.

straighten the pantry, make note of what is out/low and what needs used more.

spring clean the kitchen, set up to be efficient.

Design deck railing... figure out costs.