Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Saving money


I harvested the last of the strawberries and the first of the red raspberries and mini blueberries. Also got a couple golden raspberries but Hubby and I ate them in the garden. I do not take my phone to the garden when working. Blackberries have not turned. I finished picking the last of the strawberries unless them bloom this fall. They have done that before.

I harvest rhubarb (another that will come back by fall) and made strawberry rhubarb pie. I have some rhubarb in the freezer as I have plenty of it as pie filling.

I harvest the last of the radishes, some snow peas  and peas for the freezer, red and golden cherry tomatoes, basil, garden mint, turnips, onions and some more lettuce that is running me over. I might pull some of it and pass to M, if they don't need it they can feed it to the chickens... maybe pigs.

I harvested the June drop apples, tree is on over load so dumped 1 bushel of unripe apple (it's how it protects itself from too many). I will make caramelized onion and apple chutney and liguid pectin (first time of doing that) and give the rest to M for their pigs.

I boiled eggs for Charlotte. If I give her an egg every day she doesn't get the skin rash that the meds is $100 for 30 days. Vet said since it works he thinks it is great. This also had helped Wilbur with his dandruff. Since she is part boxer and Wilbur was a boxer I wondered if it's something common with that breed. What ever, it's $6.50 a month for her eggs compared to the $100 for a 30 day supple in which the rash would come back within a week of being off the meds. Hubby bartered 2 dozen for delivering 4 messages and then taking his cell phone over to the one Amish so she could talk to her brother as his wife's last living sister had died. 

I made a menu from what we have. We thought to eat bfast at 8 (neither of us like to eat until we have been up a couple hours) lunch at noon and supper at 4.Hubby was mowing between rains which was more of a drizzle until evening, after he finished planting the last of the trees and I was gathering the apples (so he wouldn't mow them) and the stuff in the gardens during lunch. So I fixed lunch for our supper instead. 

Hubby got the last check from his insurance, it was for the wrecker bill. Now it's wait until the truck is finished as he requested the insurance pay for the truck to be fixed instead of reimbursement. He will have to pay his deductible to the dealership.  We are looking at whether to invest what ever is left over or to pay the truck off. OR do we pay off the truck and then invest what ever is left. Our finance guy is talking to the rest of the group. He is thinking pay off the truck and invest the rest and let the interest it earns go on the mortgage since we are going to replace the Silverado. Hubby is thinking of trading his truck in for a smaller truck. So many choices. 

I need to make a grocery list as tomorrow I have doctor appt. and we will be going passed the grocery store. We will stop at our bank to get some cash (going to miss that coming from the business).  We will also be dropping off a check at another bank for E as we drive past his bank. 

Doing the budget today for the rest of the year. Fun fun  NOT

Prayers for peace 

Blessed Be