Friday, January 5, 2018


Sellers have accepted our offer, they have already moved out of the house, still working at getting their greenhouse and garden shed removed and clearing out the woodworking area in the barn. We have preapproval of a REHAB loan (plus we have back up $$ incase something falls through)as this house belongs to electric, plumbing or heat since they took the wood burning stoves (our ins wouldn't cover them anyways as primary heat). A total of 5 acres which 3 acres behind the barn is in hay right now so we will be figuring out what to do about that. Amish neighbor might be willing to take care of mowing it if he can have the hay in exchange of it. The acre next to the house is in hay also but I think I am going to move the gardens to that area next year...that is a wait and see how it goes for a year or so.

I have named the sections to not confuse Hubby and me about which half we are talking about. Section closest to driveway is house 1 (used to be garage) and the other is house 2. The smaller middle section is how the garage attached to the house.

This will be our veiw from the front porch or my kitchen window since I took one look at what they called the kitchen and realized not only would my stove not fit but neither would my refrigerator.  They plowed the garden area so I might actually get to plant somethings this year.

This is actually from the driveway. Grape harbor...looks like maybe rhubarb also. Two seater outhouse( small white buildng) that is connected to septic tank . We plan to turn part of the barn into a garage since we have no plans of having livestock.The white building to the far left is the pump house where the well is.They had a Honda gas motor on it One like you would put on a snowblower.

This is the back side of the house. We will be putting  a patio door about the middle of the house which will be off the kitchen and be building a deck.

This is what their kitchen was. That's a hand pump that they pumped water out of that they had in a 5 gal bucket. That's a kersone cook stove beside the door which will be where our contractor is putting a wheelchair bathroom. This room will become the mudroom/laundry room combination. IF there is room I might put an area to prep produce, work flowers etc...

There are 3"bedrooms" upstairs , what code calls open lofts as there are no walls,doors or closets...we will add those and a storage space.

1 bedroom downstairs with a area that was pantry that we will convert to closet.

Another room that was pantry that will be the 2nd bathroom (tub/shower combo)

The old dining room will be either another downstairs bedroom (will need closet) or maybe a man's cave for Hubby.

The middle room...this is a partical picture and there is NOTHING in this area now.

This is about half of the area the window is where the patio door will be . The other side that is not showing will be the kitchen sink and the penisula. This will be a kitchen/dining room/ family room area.

Pretty much the enter downstairs is wood floors.

There is a basement under the house 2..a very good basement.

I don't know who is more excited about getting in the house after closing to get the work down and make this a home , Hubby, me or the contractor who LOVES rehabs AND reusing OLD stuff. He already told me he has 2 antique sinks being refinished and I get to look at them first to see if I want either one of them.

Right now closing is March 6th... I picked the date as it is my late younger brother's birthday and we were the closest of the siblings. BUT I do hope it's more like FEB.

Blessed Be