Sunday, April 7, 2019

what a week GOT TRAILER...where we are at on goals NO SURGERY

School taxes paid ... Still waiting for bill from CT scan.

After 3rd opinion and a group meeting , it has been decided my intestine in NOT collapsed but actually swollen on the inside  . SO instead of surgery at this time (a maybe for future, talk of stint ) I will be placed on a biologic... Doctor is jumping hoops to get Humira authorized... more of a sit and wait while my gut hurts.

Daughter 4 came up, we both spent 7 hrs doing spring cleaning. Did not get it all done but got the worse part done. She did not realize the house was this big though did like how I have the sewing/craft room, office, spare bedroom and storage loft in the upstairs and it was the easiest for her to clean.Said the mudroom (it's always a mess) and front room (24x24) was the worse to deal with. Made a few suggestions that has made it easier to maintain ( like in the mudroom)and suggested I deep clean one or two areas a MONTH instead of twice a year. She got gas money, food and  a bit extra cash as she also did some work with Hubby out side that was not part of the agreement but helped a lot. She just changed jobs and won't get a paycheck for 4 wks so she was grateful also.

Hubby got the livestock trailer.!!!!!!!! Already had E's brother ask for him to haul something from the auction he  bought trailer at as he was there and wanted to buy gates but had no way to get them home. Paid 1/3rd more than we had hoped to, but the trailer is actually bigger,better condition and has MANY extras that makes it worth more than what he paid. He was bidding against 4 others. The guy that put it up for auction ask for Hubby's info, he does hauling also but said at times he has too many irons in the fire and was willing to send work Hubby's way. GOOD. Now it's just get the cash flowing back in to meet the bills coming in.

Auction on the 13th got canceled as what the group including Hubby was going to buy was pulled due to not being up to working condition. BUT another neighbor had a piece of equipment break down and asked if Hubby could haul it to the repair shop for him that day.

AT THE Trailer auction Hubby also got a grinder for $1 ...bought it for the angle iron for his welding until he started to pick it up and realized it was a grinder. E was excited as it's one he knew how to work and showed Hubby how it could be hooked up for Amish or English. Hubby also got 26 large pots...the size you would put a 2 yr old tree in.We had just priced pots that size for $15 to $35 ... Hubby paid $3 for each. Our ex son in law runs a landscaping business, he is interested in any we don't want and will pay $5 for each. It will actually put a little cash back in our pocket and the ones we use for free.

Gravel was suppose to be delivered last Thursday, guy got his days mixed up and had to reschedule for Friday and then call back and reschedule for this coming Thursday as the company that supplies the gravel was not able to fill that order until then.

Grill is together and on front porch. SO I can start using it.

Hubby also put the pressure washer together, he just bought because he found it on sale for about 50 % of what we had priced them at,  so if I decided to clean the mud off my kitchen porch I could.

He replaced the board over the cistern

We burnt the wood pile at the end of the north garden along with the weeds I pulled from the asparagus patch.

We took the straw off the rhubarb, strawberries and garlic.Straw is in storage behind garden shed drying out to be used again later.

We moved the flowers from the north flower garden down to the road on the knoll where the daylilies are also.

I have enough bread dough, roll dough, tortillas, muffins in freezers

Even though I am not having surgery we decided for me to still finish the freezer list so I am cutting back on kitchen time when I get in the gardens.

Frugal notes...

Because of how I paid the propane ahead last year, and having a credit,  we only ended up owing $128 for this 300 gal tank of propane instead of the $532 it would have cost us.

Turning off furnace 12 hrs a day to make this tank last 10 wks to get to summer fill. Filling the tank after June 1st will save us $210 on 1 tank. That much difference between summer fuel and winter fuel.

Electric bill is down another $10.Hubby said he cut his tv time down by 1 hr a day for the whole month (kept track on his phone) Was very proud of himself.

Canceled the newspaper, I will miss it and the information I get from it but can always go to the library to find out when things are or check online local radio station calendar.

Waiting for the rain as I finish this, I hope it does some as then I won't have to go water the flowers we transplanted.

Blessed Be

Have a wonderful week