Thursday, August 31, 2023

We had a hawk


I caught him just starting to fly off with what ever he caught. 

We saw an Eagle sharing a meal with the buzzards. 

Both of us are tired of eating zucchini, cucumbers, roma green beans, cantaloupe and watermelon. ( M said her family doesn't want anything that is coming out of the gardens right now either as she sent over corn)Thankful that I have enough of the green beans I can pull the plants. SO guess what is in the frig.... zucchini, cucumbers, roma green beans, cantaloupe, and now M's corn.

The red and golden cherry tomatoes have calmed down a bit. The "big" ones I use for canning is still mostly green but we have some medium size that just turning so I can  go pick them this weekend we can have them on sandwiches or as a side with cucumbers and onions.