Monday, May 3, 2021

This week's savings

When J brought the concrete guy down to start working up the estimate for repair/replace entrance and ramp he marked where the ramp would be. I went out and measured how long an ADA ramp would be to run from the kitchen porch beside the basement ramp. Not going to work. There for we will be putting wide steps in as originally planned saving $4,000 to install the ramp.

We have been using the cash back credit card and then I transfer the amount from the checking over to the savings so when the credit card comes dues, the money has been sitting there. Won't earn a lot of interest but between the cash back and what little interest it earns is better than nothing. We bend over to pick up the penny we can do this also.

My truck ins dropped 10% as we don't put the miles on it. 

I have over 60 servings of asparagus in the pantry/freezers. I told M she could have what ever is left as theirs didn't come much at all.

I reminded Daughter 4 to amend her federal taxes... cutting $1,000 off her tax bill which means I am not coming up with $1,000 for her to pay. Win for both of us.

I took the recycling to the township haul for drop and in conversation found that the township clean up day is either the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of April every year. I put is on the calendar and told Hubby we needed a spot to put stuff for it instead of paying the extra  $90 to have it hauled.  

I got a bill over $3000 that wasn't paid by health ins. Couple phone calls and follow ups in writing. The bill is now paid by insurance and I was rebilled $200. 

M sent over pie and bread. I cut up the bread after a couple days and made bread pudding. Pie was ate that day. She makes us and her north side neighbors 8 inch pies where she makes her family 12 inch pies. Hubby priced the size she sends us at the local Amish bakery. Pie costs $6.75. Last month she sent over caramel raisin pie with crumb topping. Little leary at first, but her caramel is not real sweet (or sticky) and the raisins were very soft. We enjoyed it.

Since I was done with asparagus, Hubby asked for a schedule of what fruit and veggie had to be eaten per week/biweekly/monthly/ seasonal etc. After I thought he lost his mind( I think my mouth dropped open) I worked it out. Then he informed me I was SHORT in some areas and he figured out what it was and gave it back to me with notes of who he had worked out barter deals to get the crop and I just (yeah ... JUST) have to can/ freeze/ dehydrate it. 

On the  NOT frugal side though I have 6 friends and 3 kids saying it will be... I ordered a 7.25 quart Le Creuset Dutch oven in blue. I checked out American Test kitchen for reviews on Dutch ovens. Then did price checks with shipping costs and time frames of arrive and ordered it through Amazon.  Hubby's buddy who does the cooking (his wife is the baker) said to leave it on the stove. I can do red beans and rice, Cuban beans and rice, jambalaya, stews, soups, roasts and desserts. I do have a small dark interior Dutch oven for baking bread and a small oval one that was a gift from Mother. I don't use crock pots (unless keeping homemade noodles and mashed potatoes at a family dinner warm) nor do I use instant pots. I don't like the texture or appearance of roasts in them. Hubby doesn't like the taste. Son 2 uses one for roasts but if he is inviting us he sears the roast before putting it in the crock pot or instant pot. 

We are still thinking of the green house. I think we have some buried windows or doors that we could use so until we get to that stage of cleaning out the barn , we won't be buying anything except ordering the roof for the barn over hang. We can reuse what is on it for the basement ramp or even sell it as Amish will buy it used. 

Only milk from the store this past week

Blessed Be 

May's punch aka to do list

 Garden boxes... painted/ put together/ installed in garden/ filled with soil and trellises added. UPDATE I got 2 of the 9 painted completely on the 2nd (yes a Sunday but the only day warm enough to paint out side and it wasn't raining).

Organize flower bulbs

plant flower bulbs

plant red rhubarb

metal chairs to deck/ add old cushions (UPDATE Sunday/chairs are to deck) 

Umbrella to deck ... Hubby doesn't remember where he put it.

On deck: paint and install railing supports (UPDATE Sunday painted)/ replace broken railing/add sides to wheelchair ramp.

Check tree in pasture to see if it can be transplanted. 

install antenna tower

repair basement entrance and ramp ( UPDATE quote coming in this weekend, J was at wedding and then funeral and then in fields this week)

Install outlet on INSIDE of basement door.

Spread gravel (got postponed as tractor went in for maintenance)

Get 500 gallon fuel tank filled with diesel fuel. Hubby is pricing it between 3 places.

Uncover air vents under front porch (under front room) and cubby hole (under dining room) We will be pricing what it will cost to have the crawl spaces sealed.

Power wash house/ wash screens(repair or replace as needed)/ take front room storm windows to barn. 

Caulk outside windows and doors.

Remove dog house from previous owner.

defrost 1 freezer

paint peg board to match mudroom and install on wall.

wash/dry and mend if necessary winter bedding/winter curtains/ winter clothes and store in rubber maids in barn. Hubby has 4 winter coats and 5 winter overhaul bibs. 

wash/dry warm weather bedding/ curtains/ clothes and put in drawers.

Since I am moving things in and out of drawers, I decided to clean them out and declutter at the same time. Will take longer but will be done.

Blessed Be