Tuesday, April 28, 2020

trying to think of what I did frugal

this past week...

We reused 4 sq ft gardens boxes and 1 sandbox from the old farm for the north garden.

We reused some weed barrier we had taken up from the south garden last fall for the north garden.

We reused the dirt from the bags we had potatoes in last year for the onion boxes in the south garden.

I washed several freezer bags out and some foil that was not in bad shape.

I put used coffee grounds on the blueberries.

I dug up strawberry plants out of the yard and transplanted to a sq foot box.

I hung clothes on line or drying racks.

Couple meals were cook once and reheat afterwards

Transplants seedlings into used containers so they can get bigger before it's time to put them in gardens.

Planted more seeds in the seed warmer (little hot house that sits on the table in the office)

Used Kroger points for fuel.

Son 2 gave me clothes to cut up for masks for him. I went through them and pulled out clothes for myself. The rest can go into masks.

Had a Crohn's attack and end up in ER (not frugal) had a ton of testing that also checked my heart(I have left sided heart failure). Which actually saved me from having 4 other visits to other doctors and testing appts so I guess that was frugal.

My GI call me today with a couple recipes for homemade electrolytes drinks that I need to start using on  a daily bases. That was frugal as he knew I wouldn't spend the money on it for daily use.