Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Life and saving

 Hubby closed business credit card (took 2 weeks to get it done). They sent him a check for his cash back since there was nothing owed on the credit card. That is the final closure for the business.

Went to pay the hospital bill and it wasn't matching what was on our insurance. I requested information. Explained it wasn't matching what was listed as paid on the insurance (they showed insurance had paid). I think they sent separate bills to insurance but put it all together for 1 bill for us as the doctor did that but he made note that he had combined ALL of his billing into one for us and separate for insurance.

I made 5 gallons laundry soap.

It's going to be in mid 70s the rest of the week, so Hubby put creosote log in wood stove last night and let it burn instead of wood to let stove go out so I can clean it today or tomorrow. Furnace is set at 68. I doubt if it gets that cold as I just looked at it and it's still 73 in house. 

I put in pantry  7 meals of ground beef crumbles, 10 meals of taco meat, 5 meals of chicken (leftover from roasts),  6 meals of brats(gave to us), and 2 meals of lil smokies. 

I have chicken/broth to can, beef/broth to can, still working on apples for apple jam and using skins and cores for apple butter and still working on tomatoes for pasta sauce. I have flash freezing smoked brats and smoked sausage.

Hubby found an Amish selling sweet potatoes (most grow them but don't usually sell them in this area). She told him to stop back this week as they would be finishing digging the rest after he bought 12. One of her sweet potatoes makes 2 meals for both of us. She gave him a couple small ones for me to use to starts for us next spring.  He noticed she had potatoes on her sale board yesterday. We will be checking it out, if she has big ones like the sweet potatoes I won't have to buy baking potatoes at the store. I have small purple, small red and small Yukon potatoes that I grew myself. I have some small russets. 

Hubby started clearing the gardens yesterday. We plan to have it done by Thursday when the rain comes in. We had a killing frost yesterday. I hope to get the weeds dealt with in the berry vines also. I need to pull the onions in the next week or two which means I need to deal with the cured onions. I will cut some of the onion tops to dehydrate.

Hubby ordered a tarp for the basement ramp from local Amish man. There is an area of about 10 ft by 10 ft at bottom of ramp. We put a nice roof over it making sure there was ventilation. I want to use it as a food storage area using the coolers to keep the winter squash in as Hubby just harvest another 8 golden acorns (neither of us remember ever growing them but they grew this year in the compost pile). I also have pumpkin, butternut, green acorn squash and one spaghetti squash. The Amish at the tarp shop asked where he was putting the tarp. When Hubby told him, he suggested he make us a "tarp" door  with 2 screens and told Hubby how to frame it so it wouldn't flop and tear up and then showed Hubby he had one on his own basement ramp. His wife said she first thought she would hate it but she really likes it. She uses the area for their winter squash and potatoes.

Today I will cut the mint back away from the house and deal with the north flower garden, probably about 3 hrs. of the day. Hubby plans to wash the siding this week or next so I want to get the plants off the siding of the house.

Following advice of two of our daughters . We got a Gold Good RX acct. Hubby takes two HEART meds that aren't covered well by insurance (what he has is best covered by what insurance he has plus our pharmacy gave him another discount) What we pay ANNUALLY for the Gold is what we will save in 2 months for the meds. I also ordered through Amazon (for free as I used my points) his aspirin 81 mg. Got him, as insurance doesn't pay for that and I see no reason for spending $2.12 for 30 aspirin when I got 500 for less than $8 (free with using the points). His nitro is good for a year, but the hospital cardiologist  ordered it to be filled every month. Hubby called our primary since they are friends also for advice. Primary backed us as it's a waste but told him to bring it up when he goes this Friday along with buying aspirin from Amazon. He already called his ENT about the cost of the nose spray (also good for a year). She told him that Gold Good Rx is great, Good Rx is good and to get a couple at least into storage but to use it daily through autumn. Also said to check out Mark Cuban Pharmacy. Which my pain doctor uses himself. Back in the day he would have just paid the price and not try to find a cheaper way to get the same thing.

I did my Medicare part D. After looking at several sites for top 5 Part D's . I chose Well Care zero premium , zero on meds (gap coverage is $1.20 for all 4 a month) and $545 deductible that I shouldn't meet all year. We rechecked Hubby's D which is Silverscript. That's the best for him at $5.30/ month and $280 deductible. He will only pay $12 a month if he uses the Gold Good Rx for his nitro and nose spray. I can get my inhaler through Gold Good Rx for 1/3rd of my insurance so I didn't even list it on my meds.

I have went from Humira to Visbiome (original formula of VSL#3 prior to 2016) Even with "help" from the company it was going to be over $1,000 a month. As I have very bad veins and can't do infusions which would have been covered under part B.  Visbiome is $62 a month (I order for 2 months amount to get that price) plus IT WORKS. I used it before 2016 and was having no flare ups for 2 years. Company sold and new owners changed to cheaper ingredients BUT didn't acknowledge it and it quit working. There is a stronger amount but I would have to have my GI send them the script straight to the company. I don't think I need stronger when this is working but it's nice to know that option is there.  

I added green tea capsules to both of us. Neither of us would drink enough of it as tea. I searched for top 5... Zenwise came up in several searches. Cardiologist backed it also as a good for cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation and metabolic syndrome.

Hubby stopped at Amish and got local honey and some puffed speltz. I took 1/2 cup, added turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon. Really worked for the nasty sore throat I got from the head/chest cold. I will continue to take it through the winter. 

I started oil of oregano. I have a child nagging. Started like the other kid suggest. One drop in a shot of tomato juice for 3 days, increase 1 drop every 3 days, don't do more than 5 drops. Nagging child makes her own so she's walk me through when I go to make my own since I grow oregano.

I have elderberry syrup that I put on my Greek yogurt. A friend gifted me elderberry mixed with local honey as they were allowed to pick elderberries from another friend's home. 

I have been taking resveratrol for years for my cholesterol with a 5 mg statin... I have heart failure/disfunction birth defect along with having a stroke due to accident. 

We can't do coconut oil as it sent our triglycerides through the roof. Not good for heart patients. Daughter 4 uses it as a mouth wash (had infected tooth and her dentist suggested it) and grandchild uses it for skin care. So it won't go to waste.

I best get at the day's work

Blessed be 

Prayers for peace