Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3 and the grocery store

Day 3 and I went to the grocery store. Started to get perishables and ended up talking myself out of picking up most of it with the thoughts I can use something else out of the pantry.I spent less than 50% of our normal budget and racked up over 21% in savings with mark downs,coupons and sales. Plus we are pretty sure we won't need anything except eggs,milk and bread through the rest of the month. Fingers are crossed Pulled out mystery meat last night out of frig freezer, figured out this morning it was ham. So along with ham slices I am making cheesy polenta(pantry) and garlicky mushrooms and kale and a citrus salad The kale was bought today. I don't have enough green veggies in the pantry and I do try to use a rainbow of colors on our plates for veggies and fruit. I also picked up kiwi,pineapple and pears to add to the apples,oranges,limes and lemons we have. Blessed Be Juls