Monday, August 31, 2020

I did not buy sweets

 or the frozen lasagna while at the store today... oh yeah it was tempting. I did get the cool whip that was on sale and shoved 12 of them in the freezers and 1 in the frig as I am planning to make a icebox cake tomorrow. 

Poultry creamy enchiladas using  recipe. is for tonight. 

We changed dentist and my appt was today. I save $250 by switching as I was due for xrays. I got 5% also off as I wrote a check instead of using a debit or credit card. Hubby goes the 10th.

I got the knack of canning with Tattler lids.I bought a case and figured if I use them 3 times, I can then count the rest of the times I use them as free compared to metal canning lids. They were also in supply where metal canning lids aren't.

I made an extra payment of the principal of the mortgage. That saved us $958.40 in interest.. Our mortgage guy actually looked to see if it was better to refinance the loan or just pay it off early... when I told him how we were going to pay it. He figured we would saved 39% and next year it will be more as I plan to pay off this loan off in the next 10 yrs not 28 yrs as we have left on the loan. I really would like to do it in 6 yrs but with how things are going in the world I am not sure I can do that.

We had ordered bushels of tomatoes (2 red and 1 green). Red will be juice and diced tomatoes. The Amish guy said if we were willing to wait until he cleans his hoop house where he grows them he would discount them by 50%. I've done this the last couple years. I even have gotten some for free as no one wanted them and he knows I am sharing with my kids and grandkids (GEEZE , grandkids living on their own SIGH) 

I mended my slippers.

I harvest lettuce seeds and dried bean seed for next year.

I harvested volunteer turnips, red and green kale and lettuce. 

I harvested the red Pontiac potatoes and set them to cure on the porch. I grew potatoes is grow bags. I put the "used" dirt in other garden box beds so I won't have to buy more dirt. Everything gets a good dose of fertilizer this fall and again in the spring.  

I canned 5 pints of crushed tomatoes and 2 pints of tomato juice. I am surprised I got that with how bad the blossom rot is but there was one or two paste tomatoes per bush that was good even though they are about 1/3rd of their normal size.. Hubby's uncle lost ALL of his tomatoes to blossom rot. 

We worked on the deck and almost have the railing finished. We ran out of the one board so will be picking it up this week when we are already over to Sidney for appts and can go to Menards. I have rebate credit we can use for that. 

I mixed water with dish soap, shampoo, conditioner and switched to bar soap for hand soap in the bathrooms and liquid soap( scraps of bar soap mixed with water) at the sinks in the kitchen and mudroom.  

I made laundry soap. 

I gave daughter 4 and granddaughter (her daughter) dishes and silverware we were not using. Our local thrift shop is not accepting anything at this time still.Keeps me from paying extra on the trash service.

Blessed be everyone