Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Annoying Hubby

During our 1 hr and 15 min drive to the doctor office (yes, I am sick again but nothing serious as we "caught" that I was sick fast. Allergies went into infection in my throat and ear.) Hubby mentioned there was things I was doing that annoyed him.

My first thought was not using the dryer and his clothes being stiff followed by me dancing at 2 pm to my alarm and getting Wilbur to "dance" with me.

Maybe keeping the curtains closed until the sun comes up, closing them when it goes down during the winter.

Weird things I make and can starting with trying to decided which beet marmalade/chutney to make (we decided to just can plain beets and make different chutney's from them when we couldn't decide between 6 different chutney's and I am not canning that many without tasting them first.

Eating part of something (apple, banana etc) and putting the rest of it in frig wrapped???


It's washing plastic bags of all sorts followed by washing foil and putting it on the kitchen porch clothes line in front of the kitchen window.He doesn't want to wash any of it but is okay if I do, just doesn't want to see it when looking out the kitchen window. I can tell you the only time he looks out that window is when he is pouring a cup of coffee.

I don't make enough sausage gravy and biscuits and I don't cook bacon often enough and he wants mac and cheese with smoked sausage more often.

He wants 3 to 4 desserts, ice cream in the house and cookies every week. He still needs to lose 40 pounds to be down to where the doctor wants him and I am right where I should be.

Since he knows I am not going to change my lifetime habit of washing out plastic bags (I toss greasy or raw meat bags) and foil ... as my parents did this when I was a child... we agreed I would hang them on the other end of the kitchen porch when he wasn't seeing them when standing at the kitchen sink window when getting his coffee.

The man eats 2 lbs of bacon in a meal. THICK sliced bacon. He agreed to 1 lb. a meal so the 1 1/2 lbs packages I buy would be 1 meal for both of us with some left over for crumbles.  THEN we could have bacon twice a month instead of once a month.  The other 2 weeks of the month could be sausage gravy and biscuits. We both miss taking Daddy out for sausage gravy and biscuits every other Sunday. Daddy don't miss it because the nursing home serves it every Sunday morning.

 I could put mac and cheese and smoked sausage on the menu every other week.

Three to four desserts,ice cream and cookies when he needs to lose weight was the biggie for me.

He didn't want to but agreed that I could cut the desserts and he only took ONE serving and I had to check his serving of ice cream as he will take a pint (used to be a quart) as a serving.

I would bake cookies but only keep out 1 dozen for the week.
A 6 inch fruit pie or a 8 inch cream/custard pie
A 8 inch round or square cake or brownie single layer.
A jello dessert or jello salad
A pudding or custard if the pie was fruit.
Ice cream but he could not have it daily.

BUT he had to quit putting stuff in the one frig freezer where I will put this stuff as I will make 2 of the cakes and make cookie dough to freeze. He mentioned he thought that frig was full of other stuff... I definitely need to be checking that freezer.

HE asked for more casseroles, roasts with veggies and meat pies. Two years ago it was "I want my steak, pork chops and short ribs. "

My doctor did suggest I go back to drinking my "medicine" teas and eating from the rainbow. Asked if I needed it in writing to show Hubby. He texted him instead of writing it... good to have your doctor and Hubby be friends.

Since I pretty much have enough stocked of the different colors it isn't going to cost us much. I do wish my eggplant would have grown, not something Amish grow around here.

Blessed Be