Saturday, March 6, 2021

Over a year of stay at home

 We are looking at pretty much still being staying at home until June at least. 

I miss the kids, the grandkids, the great grandkids, Hubby's parents and my brother... but reality is they take too many chances of getting covid that I am not willing to risk getting around them much. So I will be wearing a mask probably for the rest of this year. I am okay with that. 

Hubby's sister in law has lung damage from Covid, my own sister in law does also. Both thought they were being safe enough but did not acknowledge that the "bubble" of their group was more than they thought. Example, daughter 2's bubble is her man, their 5 boys. Those 5 boys have other parents and siblings. Those other parents have their bubbles of family and those kids have "girlfriends/ boyfriends/ hang out friends... and they all came down with covid. My daughter put out on FB "to all my family and friends except Mom and Dad, we have covid. Why? because even the one time we were there I insisted we all wear our masks and we did a drop off and leave. We sprayed our clothes with Lysol before getting in the car. Washed our hands with hand sanitizer and put the masks in a plastic sandwich bag , sealed it and then resanitizered our hands. Maybe extreme but she didn't worry about us getting it.

Our supplies are low in some areas of non food but not wiped out. I can tell we have ate at home more as I am low on dishwasher soap.I should have 8 bottles (we were averaging 1 bottle a month precovid) and I have 4. I have 1 bag of peas, one bag of peas and carrots, no broccoli or cauliflower. That's okay. I have plenty of green tomato slices and asparagus (which will be in within 2 months) instead. Green beans and regular beets are low. 

I might not need as much flour as M asked if she could bake a loaf of bread every 7-10 days for us instead of me baking as their chickens are still not laying much more than what they used. Even though we have said she does not need to ,she insists on doing it because we let them harvest ice out of the pond. 

I do pray we can open businesses safely. I know half of the kids and almost all of the grandkids are struggling to make ends meet.


 Hubby worked for the first time since my surgery. He hauled 3 loads of horses to an auction about 15 miles away starting at 4:30 this morning with 9 stops to get all the horses.  Came in, sat down, took a nap and woke with the chills. Said he was glad he not only lysoled his truck, he lysoled himself before he came in.

I'm like STAY AWAY FROM ME LOL. We aren't even eating together due to it and Lysol is our companion LOL. Heavens I am not over it yet and don't need a second round. Doc's nurse had it two weeks ago, said you are contagious first 48 hrs but you will not feel back to your normal self for a good week, possibly longer since I just had surgery. SIGH. 

Last night I slept ALL NIGHT. A good 9 hrs. I have learned how to ditch a throw blanket, pillow for the leg and haul butt to the bathroom. I can tell you the new hip is not happy sitting any length of time on the toilet, less happy than the old one that was used to me sleeping on the toilet during crohn's attacks.

Charlotte will always take my pillow while I am in the bathroom and she does not care if I lay my head on her when I come back. 

I was hungry today... shock... had a sweet roll Hubby had baked, a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a handful of potato chips. That is the most I have ate since this crap hit. Hubby had 4 sweet rolls, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. He's not sure if he will feel up to eating when he gets back as he just got a phone call that a horse needed transported for one of the Amish he transported this morning. IF he does it could be chili, his go to when the few and far between times he gets sick.

I did the laundry, let dogs out and in a million times. Sunshine but cold. Wilbur wanted to stay out and lay in sunshine but it was just too cold for his old bones.  Rascal wanders around the house to find sunshine he can lay it. Charlotte is going out and then back in every time we turn around. 

Hubby took recycling in... they asked if we were recycling everything as there wasn't much. Actually after  full month it was next to nothing. Hubby said he could have put it in an old clothes basket.

I wrote out addresses for Daughter 4 as they are doing a welcome home Lizzie party when Lizzie is born. 

I sorted more recipes. Have one more batch to do.

I worked a little (very little ) on planning the gardens for this year. 

I PUT MY THIN DRESS SOCK ON MY FOOT.!!!!!!! Which also means I can wash my own foot. Hubby is very thankful for that goal being meet.

I am still working on walking up and down stairs and doing frog legs aka butterfly stretches and balance on one foot with eyes closed.

Time for Charlotte to go back out LOL

Blessed Be