Wednesday, July 17, 2024

We survived Tuesday

 Charlotte had me up most of Monday night with the wind and thunder, we didn't get a drop of rain so if it doesn't rain today I will be watering the garden tonight.

I fell asleep at 7 pm and am now wide awake at 1:30 am.

We took deposits for 2 Amish to the bank as it's not really out of our road but it's over 30 minutes by CAR. Amish don't have social security numbers so are limited to what banks they can bank with.

Then we went to chiro and got put back in place, I threw my hip out before I even got off the table and had to have it put back in a second time.

Then we went to Menards and got distilled water for Hubby's bipap and they had bottle water on sale with 11% rebate so we picked some up. Should cover us for the summer.

Then we went to Aldi's as M is looking for blueberries. Hubby got her 15 LBs since they were $1.89/LB. I got 12 LBS for us, not that we want them right now as we are burnt out from eating berries but I know come mid winter we will be wanting them again and at that price... I hope my blueberry bushes produce more next year.  I also got 4 lbs of thick cut bacon on sale and 7 LBS of mild sausage to can.

Then we went to Kroger's. I picked up some box Mexican meals , enchilida and crunch wrap... what we usually order at Taco Bell's (I get Mexican pizza also) along with tortilla wraps. I got 5 jars of chocolate peanut butter and 5 jars of regular. we only eat Jif now days as it can trigger my chron's when I eat other brands.I got 5 jars of Miracle Whip, 25 lbs of sugar (only bag they had and they had no large bags of flour), I got 7 lbs of hot sausage to can but they did not have any 90/10 ground sirlon for me to can so that's still on the list.  I got honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon and bananas. Carrots, celery, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, container of red and green lettuce and roman lettuce.  Half and half, heavy cream and buttermilk, cottage cheese and vanilla bean Greek yogurt.  Five 6 packs of coke and a large bottle of Jack Daniels Tenn. Honey whiskey. Hubby laughed because I usually don't buy it until closer to winter. I like Hot toddy' was on sale so I got it now. I was actually looking for Son2's bourbon but they were out. I saved $53. I spent $200. 

I still need AP flour, whole wheat flour, oats, sugar ,90/10 ground sirlon ...I know there is something else on that list but it's in my purse and if I get my purse I will wake Hubby up as his recliner he sleeps in is right there also. 

On the way home we stopped at bulk store to check when they are open (not on Tuesday and closed for lunch) and then went to CVS to pick up Hubby's meds and I used my rewards to get a 4 pack of TP and 3 bottles of body soap as it was on sale.

We checked some garden centers to see what was left... I need to get the fall gardens planted. 

Unloaded and put everything away...We both called it DONE. 

Hubby has a meeting today with HAM radio group. I will be working in the kitchen. Freezing the blueberries. I will can the sausage tomorrow since it's humid today and will not be tomorrow.


Blessed Be