Monday, August 24, 2015

what I have done in the frugal dept. this week.

Armenian Cucumbers from the garden. These two made 9 pints of dill pickles.

I also harvested and canned red noodle beans, KY wonder beans, and lazy wife beans.

I canned, froze and dried 34 lbs of peaches. Made peach jelly out of the peels and pits.

I froze cherry tomatoes for tomato cobbler this winter and oven roasted several pans of cherry tomatoes and then froze them.

I canned 6 quarts of pasta sauce that was cooked down from fresh tomatoes from the garden. This year it's taking 1 gallon of juice to make a quart of sauce. I don't need any more juice . I have a year's worth of juice, diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes, and tomato sauce already done. Think 52 jars of each for the year.

I froze cantaloupe that I cut into chunks and asparagus beans . I will use the asparagus beans for stirfries this winter.

I froze 37 quarts of corn. Made corn cob syrup and corn cob jelly from the corn cobs.

I have pulled the onions and have them curing. Some are small but that's the ones I will use in roasts or when I don't need much onion.

I harvested and dried from my gardens, rosemary, cilantro, basil, oregano, thyme, dill, lemon balm, flat parsley, curled parsley,sage,garlic chives and cayenne peppers.

I harvested,pickled and canned beets.

I froze another batch of strawberries.

I canned peperoncini peppers.

I froze bell peppers.

I harvested cannellini dried beans and dried pinto beans for soups this winter.

I harvest buttercrunch lettuce seeds.

I harvested Scarlet runner, Moonlight runner, Sunset runner beans that I let dry on the vine for seeds for next yr.

I have used the clothes line as much as possible even when it meant that the clothes was only partially dried when the rain started in the afternoon. Several times was able to finish drying on the drying rack instead of using the dryer.

Our hand truck (2 wheel cart for hauling appliances and boxes) broke and we are moving our son this weekend. I found one on sale and had a coupon at that store so we were able to save 55% of the normal price.

What have you done?