Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Another morning wide awake, accident update and life rolling on

 Blaze rose bud.

white rose, looks almost exactly like the blush rose that has tinged with pale pale yellow
Hubby said strawberries would need picked today, but since it's suppose to rain all day it might not happen or it will be between showers. That there are blooms and a small zucchini the size of his little finger that was not there the day before. Looks like the blackberries and red raspberries are coming on at the same time. 

I don't know if I woke at 2 a.m. because I had to go pee like a race horse  or because the furnace kicked on. We turned it back on last night at bed time when we saw it was going to get down into the low 40s this morning. This weather is all over the place.

But at least I am not spending 2 hrs. a day, 4 days a week watering the gardens. Normally I wouldn't water perennials but being new plants I do the first year. 

I baked an applesauce spice cake that we will top with apple pie filling and a no bake fresh strawberry pie making my own "glaze". Since Son2 brags he makes his own, I had to match him LOL.

We had chef salad a couple times from the gardens. Should have more this coming week.

Hubby has his Medicare stuff scheduled for Thursday. He is going straight Medicare with AARP supplement and which ever plan D they think is the best. He doesn't take a lot of meds and what he does take is generic but he worries about needing a "higher tier" dealing with his brain. We were trying to figure out how much his Plan D would run, I read it one way, he read it the opposite... we were BOTH WRONG and when he said something about me being wrong also. I reminded him I have had a stroke, have heart failure, cerebral palsy on top of a learning disability. Dementia is a given... he laughed really hard. Such a pleasure to hear him laugh. But did acknowledge he never has thought about my issues even though he tutored me in math in high school and know I was able to help Daughter 3 with her learning disability because it's almost exactly like mine.  He said something about dealing with these issues and I pointed out that in 2008 Daddy had started in to Dementia, but because we didn't live with him (widower) we didn't catch it. It was another 10 yrs before we caught it and HE actually is the one to ask the doctor for a test for it. His own dad has had it for 5 yrs and is in his mid 80s and is doing fine . Including he helps clean the house unlike his son.... another look of horror and he went off to run errands . 😂

He has went to each Amish that he regularly hauls for and told them he is done. Even if they fix the trailer (both of us think they will total it and still waiting on that to come back as it went to a 3rd party for decision), he is done.

 Adjuster who is over the truck was at the dealership when they pulled the bed off. Nothing wrong with the frame so it's being repaired, just waiting on a new bed to come in for it. She did have them replace the ball part of the gooseneck hitch and both safety chains. The dealership ordered that from Amazon and then charged for delivery. Hubby called her and told her if they had said something I could have got it delivered for free. Regretfully they didn't tell her or she would have asked us if we had prime. I thought it was funny. 

He hasn't heard from the adjuster over the wrecker bill, said he would give her a couple more days before contacting her. 

He will keep the livestock trailer for another year. He doesn't think he will have much use of it as the mineral spirits he has been going after every 3 months(55 gallon barrels fit nice in the livestock trailer) is now going to come in on a semi. Three Amish communities joined together to get that shipment in. They save almost 30% doing that way. Just means we now have to pay for our oil for our lamps. BUT he is closing down the business, not a maybe or a might. He said he is closing it down and will start paperwork after the accident crap is finished. He will probably do small hauls close by where he doesn't need State numbers to run. Since he has Legal Zoom, they will help him on that side.

He decided he wants to have 2-3 yrs worth of fire wood. He needs a lot more wood...E told him to leave other year's wood as timber for at least 1 yr. Then cut it. and leave it sit another. E came over and spent about an hour looking at the wood Hubby was splitting and what is going for night time wood and made suggestions. Told Hubby to get at least one more wagon of wood from the saw mill if not two and use the wood coming from his woods for night. E is clearing some so his maple trees he taps grows well. He also told Hubby he would barter wood if Hubby would go to the woods with him when the boys aren't home. E doesn't think anyone should go to the woods to cut wood alone. 

Hubby took large cardboard boxes to M as she uses them for the floor when butchering. She told him awhile back she had a place to store them so he cleared a good amount out of the barn in stall 2. 

We checked the calendar and he asked if I would put appts on his work calendar as he doesn't think to come check the Flylady calendar in the dining room. We have a lot of appts.  The 15th is his Medicare appts with Health Market. The 18th is Father's Day and nephew's graduation  party. The 22nd is chiro in Sidney then driver 1 1/2 hrs. to Marion for appt with IRA guy. Will probably pit stop at his parents and then go to Kroger's before coming home since it's right around the corner from where we will be. The 28th I have to be in Dayton for check for my back to start preapproval for injections. The 30th if we prepare our winter propane we get a free grill tank of propane. That's a savings of $25. We used 515 gallons this year. I bought 800 gallons last year so I have credit. We decided 700 gallons as if like today in June I have the furnace on due to it being 42 outside. We have more than enough money put back for the propane.

He made a list of things he wants done this summer/ fall... then he pointed out if he didn't close the business , he would be always running behind and that is stress on his brain. He didn't realize what he was doing that was making it worse until now. 

He ran across some article about eating to kick start metabolism and increase health defense against bad crap and asked me to look it up. It's the same book that Daughter 4 read when she started fighting cancer and was pushing 200 lbs. at 5 ft 2. She's now down to 140. But she thought the book (it was a loan from a friend) really was good. I decided on a hard copy of both books the doctor had wrote. I'll let you know how that goes.

My kitchen is a wreck. So today I will focus on reorganizing it and giving it a good cleaning. I think I enough hand wash of skillets to deal with since I don't run my skillets in the dishwasher.

Meantime Charlotte wants to go sit on the porch.... now where did I put that blanket ???

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be