Thursday, May 9, 2024


 Daughter 4 bought this candle for me a couple years ago. 

We have had at least 2 medical appts a week for last 8 weeks. We have two this week and next then it should drop down to ever other week for chiro with a few 3 month or 6 month appts. We each had a doctor tells us we didn't need to schedule, if we need to come back in later to just call and make appt. The fuel costs for all the appts has been a budget buster for sure.

We have had bad storms every other week. So far we haven't had any bad damage other than 2 basement casement windows leaking and pump house drain was not draining like it should and a drain that runs to pond back flowing due to how much rain it's getting off barn and house. Hubby will be digging it up this coming week using the back hoe.It connects to the pump house also. 

I have 2 of the chest freezers defrosted. Veggies, fruit and beef have been inventoried. Tomorrow I will defrost and inventory the pork chest freezer.  I need meatloaf patties in the beef freezer. I ordered the ground beef from local butcher (who butchers for local farmers and buys their meat) and got $1 off a pound and I don't have to worry about recalls. That will leave the poultry freezer left to do and the small chest freezer in the barn to do.

I put over 600 spears of asparagus in the freezer plus a daily meal for 2 wks Asparagus is pretty much done. M came over and picked for 2 solid weeks for a meal daily for the 13 of them.

We got our first radishes. I broke down and bought a head of iceberg lettuce when I got milk for salads with the radishes. 

The blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are blooming. I should have different lettuces ready in a couple weeks if the weather stays decent and we don't get any frosts.I have most of the plants in the gardens, still need to plant seeds and finish planting flowers in pollenator gardens that had flowers die. 

We got the back taxes for 2012 paid off. 

We got a refund of school taxes, that will go over to savings to go to IRS.

I paid the first installment 3 wks early for the loan we took to pay the IRS for the taxes from the business closing. I noticed our credit score went up. I plan to not take the 12 months to pay this off but I want to make sure I have the propane paid for and enough in savings for emergencies before I pay it off. Mean time the extra money for it goes into saving at Ally. I think if I can pay it off late Sept early Oct would be great as Hubby's birthday is Oct .

I have the money in CDs for the propane. They mature in June. I hope Propane company (farmer's co op)runs the same deal they did last year, pay early in June, get a free fill of gas grill tank and discount of the amount you prepay for the propane. Depending on the price is what I will base how much we order. We have enough wood cut and stored for this coming winter. 

I watched the virtual annual meeting for electric co (another co op) and got $20 off bill for doing it, also got capital credit (share of profit) off the bill. So electric bill is $87 this month instead of $123. That difference will go over to installment loan savings. 

Hubby is still cutting wood for the winter. We were driving by one of the Amish he used to haul for and saw he had scrap blocks of wood in a pile. He stopped and they agreed to load our dump wagon full for $60. Our wagon hold just over 2 cords.That price is 1/4th of regular firewood. They don't make a mess since the bark is already off it.

He wants to replace roof on the wood shed next month. Materials are on site. He was going to do it this month but needs to fix a drain the runs from the barn and house to the pond that is causing the basement to get water through the casement windows. E and his boys will be helping and Hubby is getting a lift instead of using ladders.

I finally went to the grocery store, saved $51 and change, without COUPONS. ADD that I used to spend $200 every 2 wks (total of $800 for 8 wks)and still buy milk and bread between. I spent $300. to go 8 wks. That's $500 to go on loan.

I am still buying cereal. I've made some granola but it's too sweet for both of us. M is going to ask her mom as the granola she makes is not real sweet as she is diabetic. 

I plan to wait at least 8 wks before going for more than milk. 

Hubby likes the crunch wrap from Taco Bells and I like the Mexican pizza so instead of spending $20 for take out one time, I spent $20 to buy what I didn't have to make it at home. I can make 5 times for the same amount.

He also requested Baconator cheeseburgers (I can do that LOL) but with mozerella cheese sticks and jalapena poppers instead of fries. I picked up breaded mushrooms also.  I have over over 20 hamburger patties in the freezer so I won't need to buy that. 

I am going to prebake some pizza dough (using sour dough starter) and make sure I have precooked sausage, diced pepperoni and precooked bacon to replace the gas station pizza.  We both agreed we will do the once a month pizza from pizza shop as it's the pizza that we both grew up with. We usually do it on a Friday night or Saturday at lunch time as it will make 4 meals if not 5 as we add salad to the meal or raw veggies and dip.

I have been using sourdough starter for my bread, using hops flowers to help lighten it instead of yeast. I found I can make 2 loaves, take one after it's cooled and wrap in press and seal plastic wrap then foil and freeze it and it's fine two weeks later.We don't eat much bread and we don't like to eat the same bread all the time. Making bread for 2 can be a pain when neither of us are much of bread eaters but have doctors wanting us to get it in our diet healthy bread that is not white glue bread which I love. 

We are still having to use the furnace at night or when the days don't get above 65.Hubby has finally understood why I leave the west windows curtains open until the sun goes down behind the barn. Keeps the house warmer into the night. 

Blessed be

prayers for peace and sanity 

Stay safe