Monday, June 5, 2023

I thought May's finances were bad

E's horse Sunshine whom is letting Hubby pet and Enon who is stand offish that are spending a week at our pond as lawn mowers. LOL

 I will say it's going to take a lot of sacrifices to get back on track after . Hubby lost 3 weeks of work in May due to trailer brakes malfunction. 

He is going to lose probably the same due to getting truck fixed. July is always very slow due to factories shutting down and not needing the pallets that he hauls. He has 18 more payments on his truck that he has been using the business to pay but. He can make enough to pay regular bills, central billing, insurance, truck payment  some on legal stuff. BUT I know if he isn't hauling he is going to lose socialization (a loner).  He already has close to $10 K out of pocket to get everything back on the road and home. His business insurance had him file through the app. so she could get things rolling to get his money minus deductible back asap. 

Since his Social Security will be covering the bills (again) for the business. Mine and the IRAs will be covering the home. No worries there since the debt ceiling passed.


Schedule and set up his Medical, supplement and drug coverage. 

Schedule with lawyer to update will and legal crap.

Schedule with funeral home to figure out prepaid funeral arrangements like Daddy did.

Make sure we get all his testing done. His EEG is tomorrow and his nerve testing in Nov 1st. His Neurologist is doing that testing himself so we are only making 1 trip for that. There was mention of sleep study being done, just as a check as Hubby was taken off Cpap machine after he had throat and nose surgery. We haven't heard anything about it being scheduled...yet.

I have Ortho appt first thing in the morning for my leg/ fake hip issues. Probably more muscle and could be coming from the bad back but back doctor won't do injections until hip is ruled out since the pain in more in that area. 

We have chiro between my appt. and Hubby's appts. Thankful they are all within 30 miles of each other. Time wise it sucks a bit between the first two. Might hit Menards and Lowes to check out garden stuff. We will have enough time to eat between chiro and his EEG which they want him to eat 2 hrs. before the testing.

We usually go to the store when we go to chiro. I am by passing this time. Garden is coming in and we can have lettuce sandwiches just like M served to her family last night. 

Strawberries are coming in, so pancakes, waffles and French toast will be good or chicken salad with strawberries. 

Have a good week

Stay safe

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be